Commissioned Personnel Center Directory

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
Commissioned Personnel Center
1315 East West Highway
10th Floor
Silver Spring , MD 20910
Toll-free Telephone: 1-800-224-NOAA
Phone: 301-713-3444 / FAX: 301-713-4140
Medical Br. Fax No: 301-713-2039
Recruiting Toll-free: 1-800-299-6622

CPC Director
CPC Director CAPT Christiaan VanWestendorp 301-713-7711
Deputy Director Jason Merriweather 301-713-7715
Director Assistant/Program Analyst Dwayne Bhola 301-713-7627
Physical Fitness and Dietician Rachel Saunders 301-713-7718
NOAA Corps Policy Program Manager Sherrita Irby 301-713-7729
Workforce Planning officer Michael McCarthy 301-713-7627
Chief, Medical Affairs Branch CDR Preciosa Pacia-Rantayo 202-657-7774
Deputy Chief, Medical Affairs Branch LCDR Beth Zalno 202-657-8416
Medical Records Officer LT Kristine C. Jones-Beatty
Behavioral Health Services CDR Sean Bennett 202-657-8416
Medical Br. Fax No. 301-713-2039

Officer Personnel Management Division / Payroll Staff
Chief, Officer Personnel Management Division Katherine Raymond 301-713-7732
Human Resources Specialist Jerrard Baker (A-F) 301-713-7728
Human Resources Specialist Charise C. Stewart (G-M) 301-713-7659
Human Resources Specialist Tracey M. Peterson (N-Z) 301-713-7724
Human Resources Assistant Juan Castillo 301-713-7716
Staff Officer LTJG Emma Strong 301-713-7712
Special Projects Officer LTJG Kelly Wooten 541-351-8129
Transportation Specialist Datileya McBride 301-713-7733
Lead Military Pay Technician Carol Holley 785-339-3499
Military Pay Technician Ronald A Cunningham 785-339-3497
Payroll Unit contact Information Mailing address:
NOAA Corps Payroll Unit
c/o Commanding Officer
U.S. Coast Guard
Pay & Personnel Center
444 SE Quincy Street
Topeka, KS 66683-3541
FAX: 785-339-3790

Officer Career Management Division
Chief, Officer Career Management Division CDR Andrew Colegrove 301-713-7748
Officer Assignment Coordinator LT Melissa Trede 301-713-7694
Chief, Officer Recruiting LCDR Andrew Reynaga 301-713-7727
NOAA Corps Recruiting Officer Vacant 301-713-7717
NOAA Corps Field Recruiting Officer LT Ryan Musick 720-257-9323
HR Assistant Faiona Chamorro 301-713-7735
Recruiting Toll-free number 1-800-299-6622

NOAA Corps Officer Training Center
Commanding Officer, NCOTC CDR Christopher Skapine 860-701-6630
Executive Officer, NCOTC LT Dylan A. Kosten 860-701-6379
Staff Officer, NCOTC LTJG Giovanna (Nina) Lesser 860-701-6407

Resource Management Division
Chief, Resource Management Division Dr. Lisa Lewis 301-713-7750
Financial Management Specialist Yavonda Agbara 301-713-7722
Budget Analyst JoAnn Butler
Financial Management Specialist LaWan Sypert-Mujiheed

Information Technology Support
Information Technology (IT Staff) Victoria Elinson 301-713-7624
Information Technology (IT Staff) Krupal Chukka 301-713-7721
Information Technology (IT Staff) Praveen R. Kalva 301-713-7720
Information Technology (IT Staff) Joseph Barbara 240-627-6849