Director's Message:

On Wednesday, 07 May 2014, twelve new ensigns officially graduated with the U.S. Coast Guard Officer Candidate School from the 123rd Basic Officer Training Class.  Prior to departing for their first assignments, they will complete a week of Underway Training and then Bridge Resource Management Training.  Please join us in congratulating BOTC 123 and welcoming them to the fleet!

ENS Sarah Chappel NOAA Ship Rainier
ENS Blair Delean NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette
ENS Daniel Devereaux NOAA Ship Fairweather
ENS Peter Gleichauf Initial Flight School
ENS Daniel Helmricks NOAA Ship Fairweather
ENS Daniel Hodge NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson
ENS Kristin Johns NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter
ENS John Katchenago Junior Officer Marine Operations Center-Pacific
ENS Nikita Norton NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada
ENS Danial Palance NOAA Ship Rainier
ENS Pestone Bryan NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer
ENS Christopher Wood NOAA Ship Rainier

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

05 Aug 2014 BOTC 124 INDOC

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LTJG Daniel D. Smith
15 May 2014
CAPT Mark H. Pickett
01 June 2014
LT Kyle W. Ryan
15 July 2014
LT Paul M. Chamberlain
01 August 2014
LTJG Carmen M. Alex
01 August 2014
CAPT Jon D. Swallow
01 August 2014
ENS Katherine L.Doster
01 August 2014


NOAA Corps Commendation Medal:

LCDR Nicholas J. Chrobak For sustained superior performance and unyielding commitment to the crew, officers and mission while serving as Commanding Officer aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster
LCDR Jonathan B. Neuhaus For commendable operational leadership and engineering support during 2014 ATTREX Global Hawk Deployment to Guam

NOAA Corps Achievement Medal:

LT Stephen P. Barry For sustained performance at the Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) during an exceptionally tumultuous time. Your leadership and organizational skills were paramount during EMC’s relocation to a newly constructed building and during transition to the new Weather and Climate Operational Supercomputing System.
ENS Carmen R. DeFazio For performance and leadership while acting Officer of the Deck during an in-port fire emergency

NOAA Corps Director's Ribbon:

LCDR Colin D. Little
LCDR Daniel J. Price
LT Guinevere R. Lewis
LT Anna B. Villard-Howe
LT Lyndsey E. Davis
LT Christine L. Schultz
LTJG Richard J. Park
LTJG David O. Vejar
For sustained voluntary support of the NOAA Corps Officer Recruiting Branch.Your efforts are greatly appreciated and will help to shape the future of the NOAA Corps through recruitment and selection of the highest quality candidates
ENS Ryan A. Belcher For exemplary performance and outstanding results in coordinating 2014's fleet inspection as Junior Officer aboard the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter spill alongside Marine Operations Center- Atlantic

Leadership Development Center Outreach

OC Daniel Helmricks, OC Ross Phillips, OC Tiarra McDonald, OC Michael Power, OC Shannon Andrew,  OC Joel Hill, LTJG Andrea Proie, BM2 Joseph Stoltz, Andrew Duffield and son Matthew

On April 24, 2014, Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School in New London, CT, held its first annual “Career Night”, opened to students throughout the school system. USCG and NOAA Corps members of the Leadership and Development Center (LDC) OCS 2-14, BOTC 123, Station New London, and the United States Coast Guard Academy staff participated in the event as part of the Leadership Development Center’s outreach activities through Partnership in Education (PIE). The event was well received, with over 100 interested community members comprised of students, siblings, parents and teachers. The event marked another successful endeavor by PIE and the LDC to reach out to the community, introduce teachers and students to the Coast Guard, NOAA and share information.

From the Assignments Desk:

LCDR Amanda Goeller is currently augmenting on NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker and will return to the assignments office on May 15th. All assignment coordinator business will be completed between May 15th through May 22nd. Please ensure coordination of last minute assignment needs with LCDR Goeller prior to her upcoming PCS. The week of June 2nd through 6th will be reserved for dedicated overlap with the incoming Assignment Coordinator, LCDR Nicholas Chrobak. In order to provide all officers seamless transition between assignment coordinators, please close out any outstanding assignment concerns with LCDR Goeller; new assignment discussions should wait until June 9th when LCDR Chrobak is available.

Junior Officer Assignments:

If you are rotating out of your current first sea assignment billet anytime between December 2014 and August 2015, and have not received a forthcoming assignment letter, you will receive a notification detailing all available billets. Expect to see messaging detailing billets, point of contact and a timeline of assignments by May 16th. If you are an officer that falls into this category and do not receive an email by May 16th, please notify LCDR Amanda Goeller at

Frequently Asked Question of the Assignment Coordinator:

What is the difference between a PCA and PCS?

PCA Permanent Change of Assignment refers to a change of assignment within the same duty station as the current assignment, often resulting in no moving costs. The most common example is when an officer fleets up into a new assignment on a vessel, or when an officer in an one year assignment in Washington, DC and is moved into a new assignment in Silver Spring, MD, all within the DC Metro area.

PCS Permanent Change of Station refers to a change of assignment to a different duty station other than the current assignment. This often results in moving costs. PCS also refers to a change of station where an officer is reporting to a vessel which has the same home port as his or her current duty station. What makes this experience unique is going from a shore assignment to a vessel assignment.

This raises a second question of whether or not you should complete a 56-26 NOAA Corps Travel Questionnaire for a PCA or PCS? The answer is yes for both, a 56-26 is essentially a request for orders, and informs the need for CPC to allocate funds.  An Officer may be requesting orders requiring no travel funds; however, CPC will need to allocate funds for other entitlements. For example, an officer may need to meet the ship in a location other than its homeport, or need to move his/her family from a prior duty station.  CPC cannot assume all the an officer's needs for compiling a PCA/PCS order, the 56-26 is the primary tool for building orders and why CPC asks for 120 days of lead time prior to an officer's detachment.  There are always extenuating circumstances that cannot require a 120 day notice and CPC will accommodate as possible. Completing and submitting a 56-26 120 days in advance is the best way to ensure you have PCA/PCS orders on time. Additionally, whether a PCA or PCS, officers MUST be cleared medically before moving to your next assignment. Medical status is checked once a 56-26 is completed and orders are processed.  

Civil Rights Office EEO Training

The NOAA Civil Rights Office (CRO) will conduct EEO Training for all employees. Topics will cover the roles and responsibilities of managers, supervisors and employees. Sessions are offered for participation on-site in Silver Spring and by webinar. On-site capacity is limited to 30 participants. However, (CRO) can accommodate up to 500 participants via webinar. Sessions in this series includes: Preventing EEO Workplace Conflict for supervisors on June 12th, and An Overview of the EEO Complaint Process for non-supervisors, on June 24th. Both training sessions will take place from 2:30-4:00 PM in SSMC3, Rm. 4527. You may view the full training schedule at