25 July 2014


Director's Message:

I have been receiving a number of inquiries on the status of the 2014 promotion results. As many of you are aware, the Presidential Appointment and Efficiency Act of 2011, provided the President the authority to appoint and promote NOAA Corps officers to permanent grades without the advice and consent of the Senate. I received word this week that the promotion package has routed through Commerce and is awaiting Secretary Pritzker’s signature. I anticipate that signature happening this week or early next. Once Secretary Pritzker signs the promotion package and forwards it to the White House, I will be able to inform the Center Directors and Line Office liaison officers of the promotion results. They, in turn, will reach out to the affected officer's supervisors to have them inform their officers of their selection or non-selection for promotion. Once I receive confirmation back from the Line Office liaisons that all affected officers have been notified, I will release a Director’s Message announcing the promotion results. At that point in time, CPC will be sending the package to affect promotion for those officers for which we have vacancies on the lineal list based on our authorized strength and zone percentages.

Officers are reminded, per NCD 04302B, that they must meet all qualifications for promotion in order to have their promotion affected. CPC will not forward names for promotion of those that have lapsed medical or dental exams. Additionally, those individuals who may be injured and recovering or otherwise not fit for full and unrestricted duty, including sea duty are not fit for duty cannot have their names forwarded.

Having been on the “delivery” side of both positive and negative promotion results to other officers, as well as, being the officer receiving both positive and negative promotion result news over the years, I realize this is a stressful time for those affected. For those who will be receiving positive news, I do not have much advice to give other than, congratulations. Remember though, the selection for promotion is an indication from our senior leadership that you have the ability to accept greater responsibility and perform to an exemplary standard in those yet to be assigned duties.

For those who will be receiving the disappointing news of a non-selection, remember that these are the times that will test your character. You will need to take some time to be disappointed.  I will caution however, that staying in that state for very long is unproductive.  This will be a time of some introspection and should also be a time to reach out to those in senior positions within the organization to identify areas of improvement in your development. It is a time to determine the direction of the organization and deciding on how you can best develop in order to contribute to NOAA and OMAO’s tactical and strategic goals. As NOAA Corps officers, we are expected to perform.  We are among those in the workforce who are expected to lead and manage change. That is a developmental process which requires active learning, self analysis, and constant leadership development. I would pose this question as you prepare your game plan for the 2015 Boards, “Are you merely working, or are you leading, innovating, improving and stretching the organization”? The answer to that question may help you discover some areas of improvement that will better position you for success in the future.

Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the CPC team if you have any questions.

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

05 Aug 2014 BOTC 124 INDOC

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CAPT Jon D. Swallow
01 August 2014
LT Paul M. Chamberlain
01 August 2014
LTJG Carmen M. Alex
01 August 2014
ENS Katherine L. Doster
08 August 2014
LT Kyle W. Ryan
10 August 2014