Director's Message:

On 7 August 2014, I had the privilege of attending the swearing in of BOTC 124 at the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center in New London, CT.  Please join me in welcoming aboard this new class:

Matthew Bissell from Newport, CA
Kyle Cosentino from St. Petersburg, FL
Patrick Debroisse from Cumberland, PA
Tyler Fifield from Wakefield, MA
Christopher Gallagher from East Sandwich, MA
Marybeth Head from Newport, OR
Lindsay Jacobs from Vero Beach, FL
Benjamin Kaiser from Barrington, RI
Philip Manougian from Rockville, MD
Melissa Mathes from Bayou Vista, TX
Samuel McKay from Boone, NC
Christopher Pickens from Carmel, CA
Kathryn Richwine from St. Petersburg, FL
Bryan Stephan from Fairfield, CT
Brian Yannutz from Honolulu, HI

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

19 October 2014 REFTRA

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

ENS Jon T. Karagiannakis 23 August 2014
LTJG Alice E. Drury 10 September 2014
CAPT William B. Kearse 01 October 2014

Updating Staff Directory and Emergency Notification System (ENS) Information

In order for NOAA to keep accurate accounting of personnel information in the event of an emergency, and for the need to contact individuals, it is our responsibility as individuals to regularly review and update our contact information in the NOAA Staff Directory (formerly known as the NOAA Locator) and the Emergency Notification System (ENS). Officers and supervisors should review their respective directory and ENS information for accuracy. Supervisors should also review the listing of Direct Reports to ensure the list is current.

  • Log in to NOAA Staff Directory:
  • In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click on your login name and select, "View My Record"
  • Review the Name, Rank, Address, Phone numbers and Email. Ensure they are correct
  • If you have items to update, please click on "Update Member" on the far right
  • Change any incorrect item that the form allows you to and click Next Page. Repeat the process on the following page, if items need to be updated
  • You can change your Federal Manager by changing your managers email address
  • Click Validate

You will not be able to update some information in the Staff Directory; this section is updated by CPC. If your Position Title, Organization, NFC Org Code and Employee Type are incorrect, first ensure the following have been completed:

  • Send in your endorsed PCS or PCA orders with your travel voucher to your HR Specialist.
  • Ensure your billet description is current and submit revised versions to your supervisor for routing
  • Wait 2-4 weeks from submission to CPC, as this information then is downloaded (monthly) to the Staff Directory
  • After 4 weeks if your information is NOT updated, please contact CPC

If you would like to receive emergency notifications for events happening in your office location on your personnel cell phone or email, click on the "Update My ENS Person Contact Information" button after you log in to the NOAA Staff Directory. Those who are Supervisors can also review who NOAA expects you to be accounting for in the event of an emergency. Please ensure the information is accurate:

  • Log in to NOAA Staff Directory:
  • In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click on your login name and select "View My Record"
  • Click on "Request Reports", and select "NSD Direct Reports"
  • You will be able to make edits as necessary

Fiscal Year 2015 PCS Orders Update

All PCS order's have been issued for all officers scheduled to transition during the remainder of FY-2014. Officers anticipating PCS detachments in the first quarter of the fiscal year, October through December 2014, should submit their travel questionnaire forms to CPC by COB, 31 August 2014. PCS orders for FY-2015 will not be issued until after the start of the fiscal year, contingent on the availability of funds as determined by NOAA Finance. Early submissions of questionnaires are appreciated. Please contact should you have any questions.

Courses for Promotion Eligibility

New courses for promotion eligibility have been made available on Commerce Learning Center (CLC) as of 15 August. While some courses remain the same, others have been redistributed to better reflect leadership competencies and professional development by rank. You may access new course content via: NOAA Learning Center/Line Office Training/NOAA Corps. Look for NOAA Corps Learning Plans which are listed by rank. If you have questions regarding promotion eligibility training, contact LCDR Nickie Lambert at

From the Recruiting Branch

The Autumn Career Fair season is here! A list of events can be found at: If you are interested in attending recruiting events, please contact LT Madeleine Adler, Travel orders and costs will be covered by the Recruiting Office. Thank you in advance for your help. Please note that attendance requests are typically prioritized as follows:

  • Requests from alumni of the college or university
  • Requests from officers located in close proximity to the college or university
  • All other requests

Commerce Gold, Silver and Bronze Organization Awards

CPC is preparing the award packages and actively working on the finalized list of officers now eligible to wear the Department of Commerce Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. This is a CPC priority and a collaborative effort with DOC to ensure all officers are accounted for.

Ultra Thin Custom-Made Ribbon and Medal Racks

UltraThin sells custom-made ribbon and medal racks for all of the United States uniformed and volunteer services, including the Civil Air Patrol. Many NOAA Corps officers have previously purchased their ribbons and/or medal racks through UltraThin. They now carry most of the new ribbons recently adopted by the NOAA Corps. For example: Meritorious Service, Volunteer Service, and Sea Service Deployment ribbons are now available. However these new awards have not been incorporated into the 'Ribbon Rack Builder' service on UltraThin's website, they can be ordered over the phone or by adding notes to an online order. National Response Service and National Response Deployment ribbons are expected to be offered soon by UltraThin. For more information please contact, UltraThin at or (800)758-7265.