Director's Message:

On behalf of all of CPC, I would like to wish the entire NOAA Corps' active and retired officers, their families and our supporters a very safe and joyous holiday, and a Happy New Year!

CPC would also like to thank all of those who submitted their EOY documents to the Payroll Unit prior to the system shutdown, and espescially to BOTC 124 for their quick and timely submission of their endorsed PCS Orders.

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

18 December 2014 - 06 January 2015 HR Direct (Payroll System) Shutdown
09 January 2015 Uniform Awards Board Meeting
30 January 2015 ACO Award Nominations Due
02-06 February 2015 Mid-Grade Leadership Week 2

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LT Kyle Jellison 31 December 2014
LT Erik Norris 01 January 2015
ENS Abigail Kernan-Schloss 01 January 2015
CDR Jeffrey Hagan 01 January 2015
LT Michael Davidson 30 January 2015
CDR Peter Fischel 01 February 2015

Required Training: WebTA - Past Due

OMAO is tracking the completion of the “Ensuring Accurate and Complete Time and Attendance Recording.” course via Commerce Learning Center (CLC). There is no need for officers to submit a copy of your certificate to CPC. However, this Time & Attendance training is mandatory for all DOC employees. It can be accessed through the CLC. Allow 15 minutes to complete the training. DOC employees were expected to complete the training by Friday, 28 November 2014. To access the training course in the Commerce Learning Center (CLC):

1. Log on to the CLC at

2. Be sure you are on the Main Commerce Learning Center page of the CLC. Click on the “Mandatory Time & Attendance Training” link under the “Commerce Announcements” section.

3. Click on “Click here to launch the course…”

4. After viewing all the slides, close the course frame window and click “exit” to record your completion in the CLC.

5. It is not necessary to print your certificate of completion, but should you wish to do so, click on “My Transcripts” under the “My Training” heading drop-down, and click on the certificate icon to view and print your certificate (officers do not need to submit the certificate to their OPF).

Reminder: Holiday Gifts Ethics Rules

As you prepare for holiday parties and gift exchanges, please keep in mind ethics rules that apply to the acceptance of invitations and gifts and to gift exchanges between employees. For example, there are restrictions on supervisors accepting gifts from subordinates, political appointees accepting gifts from lobbyists, and Commerce employees accepting gifts or invitations from contractors and grantees and others with matters before the Department, except in certain circumstances. For a summary of the applicable rules, click here.

Other useful information is available on the Ethics Law and Programs Division webpage at:, including a form for a supervisor to approve an employee’s attendance at a holiday party, reception, or other widely-attended event (if certain criteria are met) . If you have a question about holiday gifts, parties or other ethics matters, please contact an ethics official for advice by calling 202-482-5384 or by emailing

Awards Recieved in October & November 2014

NOAA Corps Commendation Medal:

CDR Edward J. Van Den Ameele For exemplary leadership across the NOAA Line Offices and Marine Operations through tenacious engagement and collaboration, ensuring the material condition and readiness of the agency’s scientific fleet met critical observations requirements to further the larger survey missions of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
LT Laura T. Gallant For sustained superior performance as Operations Officer and Acting Executive Officer aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer

NOAA Corps Volunteer Service Medal:

LT James L. Brinkley For outstanding civilian volunteer service to local community schools and charitable organizations over the past six years. You selflessly devoted over 150 hours of volunteer service and enhanced NOAA's image in the community

NOAA Corps Director's Ribbon:

ENS Carina M. Ream For outstanding results during the FY14 Annual Property Inventory, and for dedication and excellence in maintaining the NOAA Ship Rainier’s Personal Property Assets

U.S. Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation:

CDR Jeremy Adams

LT Madeleine Adler

LTJG Jennifer Barre
The dedication, pride and professionalism displayed by the members of the Coast Guard Festival Planning and Execution Team reflect credit upon themselves, their team and the United States Coast Guard.

2014 ACO Award Nominations - Reminder

The NOAA Association of Commissioned Officers (ACO) administers the annual Junior Officer of the Year, Science, and Engineering awards. The ACO recognizes the wide range of accomplishments and contributions of NOAA’s uniformed personnel, and encourages all commands consider nominating officers for these honors. Nominations for the 2014 awards are due by 30 January 2015.

Nomination Procedure: A nomination for a NOAA ACO award shall consist of at least two pages. The first page shall be a cover memo addressed to the National ACO, stating the name, grade, billet title, and job description of the nominated officer. The following page(s) shall be the personal comments of the nominator, which reflect the basis for the nomination. Nominations should include a detailed description of the officer’s duties and accomplishments, and the positive impact of those achievements on the Agency and the Service. All commands and field offices are encouraged to submit officer nominations for these awards. Candidates for Junior Officer of the Year must be nominated by a supervisor in their chain of command, while the Science and Engineering award nominations may be made by the supervisor or any commissioned officer.

Submit nominations via e-mail to, by COB 30 January 2015. In the nomination email please have the supporting files attached as .PDF or readable by Microsoft Word.

The subject line of the nomination email should be "Junior Officer of the Year Nomination", "Science Award", or "Engineering Award" as appropriate. This will assist the selection committee with accurate tracking and sorting of the nominations. Junior officers with civilian supervisors are encouraged to forward them this information. For more information on the awards please refer to the NOAA Corps Directives on Awards (Chapter 12 part 7).