Director's Message:

On 24 February, at 1430 EST, CPC will be hosting an 'Ask-CPC' Webinar covering revisions updates to the Supervisor's Guide to NOAA Corps Officers. Officers with civilian supervisors are especially encouraged to ask their supervisors to attend. The guide provides an overview of the drivers in a NOAA Corps officer's career and emphasizes the services CPC provides. CPC's Division Chiefs and Program Managers will also be on hand for a question and answer session. A Message from the Director, CPC with webinar details is forthcoming and the updated guide will be posted on the CPC Website following the webinar presentation.

I would also like to congratulate Sherrita Irby, who has recently been selected for and reported to the NOAA Corps' Policy Program Manager position. As many of you know, Sherrita has been with CPC as an HR Specialist within the Officer Personnel Management Division (OPMD). In this new role, Sherrita will be responsible for the review of all NOAA Corps Directives and policies. Sherrita's OPMD responsibilities serving officers with the last name beginning with letters A through K, have been transferred to LT Lindsay Morrison. LT Morrison can be reached at, or 301-713-7712.

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

15 Feb 2015 End of Year Package Deadline
28 Feb 2015 OER Deadline
09-27 Mar 2015 REFTRA
03 Apr 2015 OPF Submission Deadline for Officer Personnel Board (OPB)
20-24 Apr 2015 OPB - Promotion Selection

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LCDR Nicholas Toth 01 March 2015
LT Michael Davidson 20 March 2015
CAPT Joseph Pica 01 April 2015
LT Matthew O'Leary 01 April 2015
LT Van Helker 15 April 2015
LTJG Leslie Flowers 17 April 2015

Medical Status - OPB Preparation

As a reminder, Officer Personnel Boards for promotion selection are approaching soon. Officers are encouraged to review their medical OPF periodically between now and after the selections have been made to ensure their medical status is still current. The medical OPF provides detailed information regarding deficiencies as well as expiration date's of your most recent dental examination, periodic physical examination, as well as other diagnostic tests. Officers may submit outstanding items via the medical OPF online ( or by using Accellion Secure File Transfer. Please contact CDR Hobson-Powell ( if there are any discrepancies, or if you have any questions about your medical OPF.

End Of Year Package - Deadline 15 February

The End of Year Package (EOYP) deadline is just around the corner. CPC is tracking the completion of EOYP with the OPF Online. As of today, 91% of officers have started, and 69% have completed EOYP. Bragging rights go out to all Ensigns who, by rank, are 93% complete in meeting the 15 February deadline. Officers who have started the EOYP, but have not completed will see a red "x" next to the EOYP link on his/her home page within OPF Online. When complete, an orange "!" will be next to the EOYP link indicating CPC is reviewing submissions.

Please remember when submitting documents via OPF to select the correct Document Type. The Document Type ensures submisions are correctly labeled, and subsequently sent to the correct folders and individuals. This applies to ALL OPF Submissions.

  • All PCS, PCA, and TDY requests fall under the PCS tab
  • All Training and Qualifications go under the Training tab
  • All personal and dependent information, under the OPF tab
  • All Medical information should be referenced under the Medical tab
  • Failure to correctly select the correct document type will result in your OPF request being declined, an email notification will be sent. Declined requests will need to re-submit using the correct document type.

    From the Assignments Desk

    OMAO Billet #0017: Data Manager/Technology Officer
    This billet at OMAO Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, offers an officer the opportunity to develop a broad view across the Line Offices of NOAA's environmental data management, while improving and expanding OMAO's role in the process. The officer is responsible for development and promotion of an end-to-end lifecycle approach to data management within OMAO, and specializes in planning, coordinating, and advising on changes in policies, procedures, and resources that align OMAO data management practices with established federal, department, and NOAA requirements.

    The officer serves as OMAO's representative on NOAA's Environmental Data Management Committee, a coordinating body under the NOAA Observing Systems Council and Chief Information Officer Council that develops the Environmental Data Management strategy, policy, and procedure guidance promoting consistent implementation across NOAA.

    The Technology Officer provides guidance and support on technological infrastructure initiatives, including future upgrade pathways of core operational and scientific sensors, storage, communications devices, manned and unmanned platforms, and emerging technologies.

    A strong operational background with cross-line office experience is beneficial, as the position requires liaison with personnel throughout (and outside of) NOAA. Familiarity with a broad range of NOAA's data acquisition systems and sensors is desirable. For more information please contact LCDR Mark Van Waes at or LCDR Nicholas Chrobak at

    In Memoriam - CDR Peter M. Connors, NOAA (Ret)

    It saddens us to report that the NOAA Corps family has lost a member. On 13 January 2015, CDR Peter M. Connors, NOAA (Ret), passed away from complications of cancer. Originally from Portland, ME, CDR Connors was appointed to the NOAA Corps in 1978 after attending the University of New Hampshire and receiving a BS in Chemistry. He served as a mariner aboard NOAA Ships Rude and Heck, as both OOD and master diver. In 1983 he became an aviator and a specialist in aerial surveying and photogrammetry. He attended the University of Maine, Orono, for a MS in survey engineering and later received a PhD in computer programming. In 1994, he was awarded the SAME Colbert Medal for his outstanding contribution to precise aircraft navigation through his integration of the Global Positioning System and digital mapping display systems. He retired from the NOAA Corps in 1999. He is survived by his wife April, his children, sister and many family members from New England, Texas and Washington.

    New OMAO Communications Toolkit

    Communicating effectively with the public and media is an important part of the work we do. To make it easier to access communications-related resources, policies, and guidance, OMAO has created an online Communications Toolkit Google site. Inside the toolkit you will find helpful links to DOC's public communications policy, NOAA media guidance, DOC's social media policy, writing guidelines, flag protocols, and more. Please take a moment to visit and explore the site. New information and resources will be added, so visit the site regularly. As always, feel free to reach out to OMAO's communications team with questions.

    Spring Recruiting Season - Volunteers Needed

    Spring recruiting season has already started and we are still looking for NOAA Corps volunteers to attend college career fairs. If you are available to attend any of the events listed, please contact LCDR Madeleine Adler as soon as possible. Though we prefer local officers to attend nearby events, the Recruiting Office will cover travel expenses.

    Texas A&M College Station 9-Feb-15 0900-1500 College Station LTJG Park
    University of Miami 11-Feb-15 1500-1900 Miami, FL LTJG Europe & ENS Johnson
    Florida Institute of Technology 11-Feb-15 1100-1500 Melbourne, FL LTJG Clark
    Benedict College 13-Feb-15 1000-1230 Columbia, SC
    Oregon State University 18-Feb-15 Corvallis, OR
    Claflin & South Carolina State University 19-Feb-15 0900-1300 Orangeburg, SC
    UNC Wilmington 25-Feb-15 Wilmington, NC ENS Pye
    SUNY ESF 25-Feb-15 Syracuse, NY LCDR Adler
    UNLV 25-Feb-15 1000-1500 Las Vegas, NV
    Citadel 25-Feb-15 1230-1600 Charleston, SC LCDR Perry
    University of Delaware 26-Feb-15 1000-1500 Newark, DE LCDR Adler
    Embry-Riddle 26-Feb-15 Daytona Beach, FL LTJG Keith
    University of Hawaii - Manoa 3-Mar-15 1200-1500 Honolulu, HI
    Texas A&M Galveston 6-Mar-15 1000-1400 Galveston, TX LTJG Park
    Savannah State 18-Mar-15 1000-1400 Savannah, GA LTJG Halonen
    Coastal Carolina 25-Mar-15 1230-1530 Conway, SC
    Women on the Water 25-27 Mar Kings Point, NY LCDR Adler
    ODU 31-Mar-15 Norfolk, VA
    Nashville Area Career Fairs Consortium31-Mar-151000-1500Franklin, TN LCDR Adler
    University of Rhode Island 2-Apr-151100-1500 Kingston, RI
    UC San Diego 8-Apr-15 1000-1430 San Diego, CA LT Surrey-Marsden
    Mass Maritime Academy 9-Apr-15 Buzzards Bay, MA LTJG Pawlishen & ENS Reynaga
    Alabama State University 9-Apr-15 0930-1300 Montgomery, AL LTJG Europe
    UMBC 10-Apr-15 1230-1530 Baltimore, MD LCDR Adler & LT Schultz & LTJG Barre
    University of Oregon 15-Apr-15 1200-1600 Eugene, OR
    UC Berkley 15-Apr-15 Berkley, CA LT Surrey-Marsden & ENS Luis
    UC Boulder 15-Apr-15 0900-1500 Boulder, CO LTJG Philips
    University of Washington 29-Apr-15 1300-1600 Bothell, WA ENS Pryor
    Maine Maritime Date is Flexible   Castine, ME NEED VOLUNTEER to speak to College of Science
    Haskel University Date TBD Presentation to College of Science Kansas City, MO LCDR Waddington