Director's Message:

The Department of Homeland Security budget situation in Congress may result in a delay in the mid March pay delivery for Active Duty officers. Officers should plan to be prepared for the possibility of this delay. CPC will keep our officers informed as we remain in contact with the USCG Pay & Personnel Center (PPC).

CPC has received several reports of officers having difficulty accessing their pay slips within the USCG HR Direct Access. We reached out to the PPC, and they have informed us that there are a couple items that officers should be aware of:

1) The pay slip access is a known issue and it is a top priority to fix. When the problem is fixed CPC will send a notice to all officers to review their pay slips in the system.

2) In January, dive pay was not processed as a result of the change in the processing schedule. January's dive pay will be included in officers mid March payment.

Officers who have noticed inexplicable changes in their pay are requested to contact the NOAA Corps Payroll Unit as soon as possible via email to

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

28 Feb 2015 OER Deadline
09-27 Mar 2015 REFTRA
03 Apr 2015 OPF Submission Deadline for Officer Personnel Board (OPB)
20-24 Apr 2015 OPB - Promotion Selection

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LCDR Nicholas Toth 01 March 2015
LT Michael Davidson 20 March 2015
LCDR Daniel Price 01 April 2015
LT Matthew O'Leary 01 April 2015
LT Van Helker 15 April 2015
LTJG Leslie Flowers 17 April 2015
LTJG Christopher Briand 01 May 2015

'Ask CPC' Webinar - Supervisor Guide

On 24 February, at 1430 EST, CPC will be hosting an 'Ask-CPC' Webinar covering revisions to the Supervisor's Guide to NOAA Corps Officers (to be posted soon). Officers with civilian supervisors are especially encouraged to ask their supervisors to attend. The guide provides an overview of the drivers in a NOAA Corps officer's career and emphasizes the services CPC provides. CPC's Division Chiefs and Program Managers will also be on hand for a question and answer session. A Message from the Director, CPC with webinar details will be sent soon.

End Of Year Package - Deadline 15 February

The End of Year Package (EOYP) deadline has come and gone. CPC has tracked completion of EOYP with the OPF Online. As of the deadline, 94% of officers had started, and 82% had completed EOYP. Bragging rights belong to Ensigns who, by rank, were 98% complete at the deadline. Those whom have not completed the EOYP will be notified by the Director, CPC.

Please remember when submitting documents via OPF to select the correct Document Type. The Document Type ensures submisions are correctly labeled, and subsequently sent to the correct folders and individuals. (This applies to ALL OPF Submissions)

  • All PCS, PCA, and TDY requests is under the PCS tab
  • All Training and Qualifications is under the Training tab
  • All personal and dependent information, under the OPF tab
  • All Medical information is under the Medical tab
  • Failure to correctly select the correct document type will result in your OPF request being declined, an email notification will be sent. Declined requests will need to re-submit using the correct document type.

    Recruiting Update

    The Recruiting Officers would like to thank everyone who conducted an interview for BOTC 126. We had 61 application and will be selecting 10 new officers in March. A special thank you to LT Gregory Schweitzer who conduct 7 interviews for candidates in Indiana, Michigan, New York, and Ohio.