Director's Message:

This past week has been very busy at CPC, the Officer Personnel Board met to review and make selection recommendations for promotion. Over the coming weeks, CPC will submit via the appropriate channels, the selection recommendations to the Secretary for concurrence. The Secretary then forwards the recommendations to the President for approval. Once approved, selectees and non-selectees will be notified via their chain of command. As soon as we have received confirmation that all affected officers have been notified, the results will be announced. We appreciate your patience while this process progresses.

Additionally, officers are encouraged to review their medical OPF periodically to ensure that they are fully qualified for full and unrestricted duty. Officers who are selected for promotion, but are not found fully qualified, will not have their names forwarded to the Secretary for approval.

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

06 May 2015 BOTC 125 Graduation
08 May 2015 Uniform Awards Board
June 2015 Aviation Advisory Board
27 July 2015 BOTC 126 Begins

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LTJG David Rodziewicz 08 May 2015
LT Christine Schultz 31 May 2015
LCDR Phillip Eastman 01 June 2015
ENS Daniel Hodge 15 June 2015
LCDR Abigail Winz 13 July 2015

From the Assignments Desk

NOS Billet #7530: Emergency Response Program Coordinator

This billet located in Silver Spring, MD offers an officer the opportunity to serve in the Office of Response and Restoration’s (OR&R) Emergency Response Division (ERD). The officer is tasked with providing scientific expertise in support of responses to coastal water spills. Staff work within the command structure of the Incident Command Structure (ICS) and are functionally designated in the National Contingency Plan (NCP), to provide scientific support to Federal On-Scene Coordinators (FOSC) for oil and hazardous materials. ERD also develops tools, guidelines, field-oriented job-aids and training to assist in preparedness of response communities. The team works closely with the US Coast Guard, US Environmental Protection Agency, and other federal, state, tribal and local agencies. ERD is a diverse and dynamic operational group which is on call 24/7/365 to respond and deploy to incidents primarily in the US.

This billet provides the incumbent with an opportunity to develop a thorough knowledge of the requirements and techniques of oil and hazardous material spill response and environmental damage assessment and participates in responses, drills, exercises and conferences at a high level. Formal training of Incident Command System operations, Continuity of Operations, Science of Spills, Hazardous Materials and national watch-desk commands will be provided.

The position represents DOC, NOAA, NOS, OR&R and ERD to external organizations and works across organization structures within NOAA. Strong inter-personal skills including written and verbal communication are required. Due to interactions with all ranks, titles and backgrounds a strong officer bearing is required.

For more information please contact CDR Elizabeth Kretovic at or LCDR Nicholas Chrobak at

Volunteers Needed

2015 Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival

The Recruiting Office is looking for two NOAA Corps volunteers to participate in the 2015 Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, MI on July 24-August 2, 2015 (exact volunteer dates TBD). This is a great opportunity for Junior Officers to gain exposure representing the NOAA Corps. Volunteers will be conducting ship tours of the NOAA R/V Laurentian. Though we prefer local officers to attend this event, the Recruiting Office will cover travel expenses. If you are available to attend this event, please contact LT Jeffrey Pereira at or 301-713-7717. Click on for more information on this event.

BOTC 127 Interviews

As a friendly reminder, BOTC 127 interviews will begin soon. The Recruiting Office will be looking for officers to conduct interviews for candidates in your local area. If interested, officer should contact LT Jeffrey Pereira at the above email address.

NOAA Corps 98th Anniversary Dining Out

The NOAA Association of Commissioned Officers DC Section will be hosting the 98th Anniversary of the NOAA Corps Dining Out on Saturday 16 May 2015. The event is to be held at the Naval Heritage Center at the Navy Memorial in downtown Washington, DC. Many elements of NOAA and the NOAA Corps, are direct descendants of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS), the oldest scientific agency in the U.S. Federal Government. NOAA and the NOAA Corps can trace their lineage to 1807 when President Thomas Jefferson, among the most scientific of our Presidents, signed a bill for the "Survey of the Coast."

At the event the keynote speaker will be a Thomas Jefferson Impersonator, Steven Edenbo. It is sure to be a lively evening as we are transported back in time to 1807 and entertained by our founding father himself. For more information about Steven Edenbo please see his web site

Those interested in attending, may view the invitation at: 98th NOAA Corps Anniversary Dining Out Invitation

Awards Conveyed March and April 2015

NOAA Corps Commendation Medal:

CDR Peter Fischel For sustained superior leadership to the crew, officers and mission through dedication and creative solutions while serving as Commanding Officer, NOAA Ship Pisces
CDR Nathan H. Hancock For exceptionally meritorious service and performance while serving aboard NOAA Ship Ka'Imimoana as Executive Officer and Commanding Officer
CDR Stephanie A. Koes For superior performance and steadfast leadership while serving as Commanding Officer aboard NOAA Ship Oscar E. Sette resulting in a safer and more productive command
CDR Ricardo Ramos For sustained superior dedication and leadership to the crew, officers and mission while serving as Commanding Officer, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer (Conveyed Nov 2014)
CDR Keith W. Roberts For exemplary and dedicated leadership as Commanding Officer during the delivery, outfitting, commissioning, operational trials, and establishment of a new homeport for NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker
CDR Daniel M. Simon For assisting Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory scientists in securing operational time on ships, aircraft, and remotely operated vehicles to conduct DOC-relevant research, for managaing the flow of information and resolution of issues between scientific party and ship operators, and for providing advice and support to the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research on the evloution of its paltform planning process
LCDR James L. Brinkley For exceptionally meritorious service, sustained leadership and exemplary professionalism as the National Hurricane Center Storm Surge Operations Manager
LCDR John A. Crofts For exemplary service as the first Executive Officer of the NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker
LCDR Richard E. Hester Jr. For sustained, exceptional leadership and outstanding service worthy of special recognition as Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Platform Coordinator
LCDR Eric T. Johnson For your outstanding and sustained performance as Chief, Officer Recruiting Branch
LCDR Michael G. Levine For meritorious service superior to your grade while serving as Executive Officer, NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter
LT Kyle A. Byers For scientific leadership in expanding the bathymetric survey capabilities of the Fisheries Survey Vessel class of ships and outstanding performance as Operations Officer of the NOAA Ship Pisces for the 2013 and 2014 field seasons
LT Joseph K. Carrier III For exemplary operational leadership while assigned to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary as Facilities and Vessel Operations Coordinator
LT Chad M. Meckley For outstanding performance of duty and service to your fellow NOAA Corps Officers and the Nation while serving as the Assistant School Chief, NOAA Corps Officer Training Center, Commissioned Personnel Center
LT Megan A. Raymond For outstanding performance in the NOAA Program Coordination Office. Your professionalism in this difficult and highly visible position furthered the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations' objectives and respresented the NOAA Corps with distinction
LT Christopher S. Skapin For outstanding superior service as Officer-in-Charge for NOAA Ship Ka'imimoana and NOAA Ship McArthur II, and as the Project Manager for the decommissioning and disposal of both ships

NOAA Corps Achievement Medal:

CDR Edward J. Van Den Ameele For outstanding leadership during an extremely chanllenging field season aboard NOAA Ship Rainier in 2014
LT Brian R. Kennedy For sustained exemplary performance and outstanding contributions to the Ocean Exploration and Research Program and NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, especially in the areas of technical and scientific support, expedition coordination, and public outreach
LT Faith O. Knighton For devotion to duty, outstanding performance and commitment to the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
LT Andrew J. Ostapenko For outstanding service as Operations Officer aboard NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker
LT Megan A. Raymond For superior performance of duties while serving as Office of Marine and Aviation Operations Flag Secretary during this very fluid and short assignment
LT James E. Rosenberg For superior performance while serving as Junior Officer and Acting Operations Officer aboard the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown
LT Timothy C. Sinquefield For exemplary performance and notable contributions during your tour with the NOAA Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking Office
LT Joshua J. Slater For outstanding performance of duty as Flag Lieutenant for the Director, NOAA Corps, and the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO).
LTJG Kasey M. Sims For sustained superior performance as Navigation Officer and Junior Officer aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.
ENS David A. McVay Jr. For sustained superior performance as Navigation and Small Boat Officer aboard the NOAA Ship Oscar E. Sette
ENS Sean M. Luis For outstanding performance in public outreach and professional dedication shown during the Star-Spangled Spectacular event in Baltimore, Maryland

NOAA Corps Director's Ribbon:

LTJG Matthew R. Forrest For exceptional performance and teamwork in carrying out emergency repairs to national water level observation network stations in Atlantic City, New Jersy, Kings Point, New York, and Mantuak, New Yorke
ENS Conor M. Maginn For superior execution in the creation, aggregation, and sustained supply of high-quality social media content for the overall benefit of NOAA Ship Nancy Foster, the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations, and NOAA as a whole
ENS Steven R. Solari For sustained outstanding performance of collateral duties resulting in significant improvements in Fleet Inspection and Property Inventory for 2014

NOAA Corps Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal:

CAPT Shepard M. Smith For contribution to the development of the youth of Garrett Park, Maryland, while serving as Assistant Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 463
LTJG Andrea L. Proie For outstanding achievment while selflessly devoting your volunteer services to several community organizations as well as the Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School