Director's Message:

The following promotion selections have been approved by the Secretary, the package is on its way to the President for approval. Please join us in congratulating the following officers in their selections:

Keith W. Roberts
Michael J. Silah
Scott M. Sirois
Kurt A. Zegowitz
Timothy J. Gallagher
Holly D. Jablonski
Nicole M. Cabana
John A. Crofts
Paul A. Kunicki
Nicholas J. Chrobak
Chad M. Cary
Scott J. Price
Ryan C. Kidder
Fionna J. Matheson
Jonathan R. French
David M. Gothan
William G. Winner
Meghan E. McGovern
Lecia M. Salerno
Joshua J. Slater
Ryan C. Wattam
Justin T. Keesee
Christopher S. Skapin
Chad M. Meckley
Megan A. Raymond
Patrick M. Sweeney III
Benjamin M. LaCour
Matthew R. Forrest
Alexander G. Johnston
Charles J. Wisotzkey
Adam C. Pfundt
Amber M. Payne
Linh K. Nguyen
Kyle S. Salling
Anthony R. Klemm
Richard J. Park
Andrea L. Proie
Joseph T. Phillips
Kelli-Anne E. Bliss
Larry V. Thomas Jr.
Jesse P. Milton
Eric G. Younkin
Brian E. Elliot
Damian C. Manda
Steven R. Solari
Benjamin E. Vandine
Billy J. Bonner
David Wang
Felicia M. Drummond
Laura E. Dwyer
Steven J. Wall
Jessica Senzer
Nikolai F. Pawlenko
Hollis M. Johnson
Carina M. Ream
Jason P. Baillio
Katrina M. Poremba
Erick Estela Gomez
Christopher M. Wood
Connor M. Maginn
Michael J. Ball
Dustin R. Picard
Diane M. Perry
Joseph L. Brinkley
Jacob H. Blaauboer
Nathanial E. Gilman
Alisha M. Friel
Jacob G. Barbaro

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

30 May 2015 PUT Request Deadline
27 July 2015 BOTC 126 Begins

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LCDR Abigail Winz 13 July 2015
LCDR Nicole Lambert 31 July 2015
ENS Roxanne Carter 18 August 2015
LTJG Jennifer Barre 21 August 2015
LCDR Erich Bohaboy 01 September 2015

OPM Cyberbreach - Impact on NOAA Corps - Update

To date, the full extent of the OPM cyberbreach into personnel data systems has not been reported. NOAA Corps Officer's and Retired Officer's data is most likely to be comprimised by the second event involving background investigations information. The investigation is still ongoing, and affected individuals will be notified by OPM if their data was affected. As of today there is no official word on the number of those impacted, and as with any such event, it takes time to conduct a thorough investigation and to identify the affected individuals.

Many of the NOAA civilians impacted by the incident regarding the personnel records, have received the email from OPM CSID with the information for credit monitoring services. If you recieve a similar email, please remember to verify its authenticity and do not use the link embedded in the email, copy and paste the URL address into an open webrowser window. Officers are highly encouraged to keep themselves informed of the lastest official information available on OPM's website

Electronic Signatures for OERs

CPC has received clearance from the Office of General Counsel to utilize digital signatures in OERs. Signatures generated by a Common Access Card (CAC) must meet OPM requirements. CPC guidance will be forthcoming to ensure officers and their supervisors are aware of the OPM requirements and provided instructions on how to meet the requirements. Please contact Chief, Officer Career Management Division with any questions.

Maximum Leave Carryover Into Fiscal Year 2016

As a reminder, the provision for carrying over 75 days of leave into the next fiscal year has expired. On 01 October 2015, officers with leave balances above 60 days of leave will have their balances reduced to 60 days. Days of leave lost in this process will not be compsensated for, therefore, it is highly recommended that officers work with their chain of command to use their leave that will otherwise be lost.