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NOAA Corps BOTC 126 and USCG OCS 1-16 reported to the USCG Academy in New London, CT on Wednesday 29 July 2015.  The 10 new officers have been through a whirlwind of classes and military training during their first week of indoctrination with their 81 USCG shipmates. 

NCOTC wanted to thank LCDR Perry, LCDR Adler, LT Pereira, and Ron Cunningham for going to set the new class up for success during their administration training prior to checking in at the Academy.  Special thanks go to Captain Albert E. Theberge, NOAA (Ret.) for giving the ensigns a webinar on NOAA Corps History, and Salim Abddeen and CDR Hobson-Powell for providing "EEO" and "Medical Standards in the NOAA Corps" presentations respectively.  BOTC 126 ended their first week of training with a visit from ENS Head and ENS Seberger who shared sea stories and advice from the NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson.  Very special thank yous to ENS DeCastro and LT Meckley for their assistance during the first three weeks of training and continued support.  

BOTC 126 is eager and willing to meet other NOAA employees and NOAA Corps officers, so if you are in the area please contact CAPT John Caskey and he will find a time for you to talk with them. 


CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

28 August 2015 IST Selection Board
04 September 2015 Uniformed Awards Board
October 2015 CO/XO/OPS Command Advisory Working Group
October 2015 Officer Assignment Board
19 October to 06 November 2015 Refresher Training

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

ENS Roxanne Carter 18 August 2015
LTJG Jennifer Barre 21 August 2015
LCDR Nicole Lambert 31 August 2015
LCDR Erich Bohaboy 01 September 2015
CDR Ricardo Ramos 01 September 2015
LTJG Kerryn Schneider 14 September 2015
CAPT Douglas Baird 01 October 2015
LCDR Sarah Dunsford 01 October 2015
CAPT Joseph Pica 01 November 2015
CAPT Albert Girimonte 01 November 2015

Courses for Promotion Available on the new CLC

Want to get promoted?  Work hard, live right, and complete required courses for promotion in the new Commerce Learning Center (CLC).  The entire CLC is new, and the interface has changed, however, the courses for promotion are live at link. Tips on navigating to the courses required for promotion to LTJG, LT and LCDR are available from the CPC web page, click on the CPC ‘How To’ Guidance button (orange, furthest left) then on new CLC ‘How To’ or link directly to the slides using this link

Contact CPC/OCMD with questions or issues at

Photos from BOTC 126

126 awaits check in at Chase Hall with their USCG shipmates
NOAA Corps and USCG shipmates participate in their first drill competition. During indoctrination week over 16 hours are spent on drill practice, honing in on discipline, teamwork, leadership, followership, and attention to detail.
During indoctrination week over 16 hours are spent on drill practice, honing in on discipline, teamwork, leadership, followership, and attention to detail. BOTC 126 and OCS 1-16 share a moment at the honor wall to ponder their commitment to excellence. “Who lives here, reveres honor, honors duty.”

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