Director's Message:

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and it marks the 30 day countdown for Use or Lose Leave for NOAA Corp Officers.
As a final reminder, the provision for carrying over 75 days of leave into the next fiscal year has expired. On October 01, 2015, officers with leave balances above 60 days will have their balances reduced to 60 days. Days of leave lost in this process will not be compensated for, therefore, it is highly recommended that officers work with their chain of command to use their leave that will otherwise be lost. Lost days will not be reimbursed or otherwise compensated for, therefore, officers should use what leave they can with approval from your chain of command.

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

04 September 2015 Uniformed Awards Board
19 October to 06 November 2015 Refresher Training
20 October 2015 CO/XO/OPS Command Advisory Working Group
27 October 2015 Officer Assignment Board

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LTJG Kerryn Schneider 14 September 2015
CAPT Douglas Baird 01 October 2015
LCDR Sarah Dunsford 01 October 2015
CAPT Joseph Pica 01 November 2015
CAPT Albert Girimonte 01 November 2015

Free TSP Seminar 21 September 2015

The Securities Exchange Commission in connection with the Thrift Savings Plan, will host a live seminar on 21 September 2015, on TSP options at retirement. This program is designed for federal employees and members of the uniformed services who may be considering retiring or leaving Federal Service. The objective is to help inform individuals about the many options available for their TSP accounts. The program will cover TSP distribution options on retirement, withdrawals and roll-outs from the TSP. Discussion will also cover investment product risk and fees, the red flags of fraud and how to check out a financial professional when thinking about moving funds from the TSP. This event is free of charge, however, advance registration is required. To register and get additional information go to the following link: To gain entry to the building, please remember to bring you government issued ID card with you. Benefits Officers Liaison & Development Retirement Services Office of Personnel Management P: 202.606.0788

NOAA Corps Officer Opportunity

NOAA currently staffs a desk at the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) National Operations Center (NOC) located in Washington DC. The purpose of this position in the NOC is to facilitate coordination between NOAA, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal, state and local partners, especially during a crisis. NOAA support to the NOC is crucial as NOAA's products and services provide vital information for national situation monitoring and federal response to natural and man-made hazards.
The NOAA Homeland Security Program Office (HSPO) is recruiting NOAA Corps Officers in the National Capital Region to serve as periodic 'watch-standers' at the DHS NOC. These officers will serve as backup support to the NOAA Desk Officer providing situational awareness and incident response. Candidates should have a strong weather background and a broad understanding of NOAA capabilities. Additionally, selected officers must be able to obtain at a minimum a Secret security clearance (Top Secret/SCI preferred), synthesize information from various sources, develop and deliver briefings to senior leadership, serve two days per month, be on-call several days per month, and provide 24/7 support during periods of heightened security.
Interested and suitable officers should contact Regis Walter at 202-282-9937, or CAPT Debora Barr, at 301-628-5653.

DOC Organizational Awards Update

As the Department of Commerce Gold, Silver, and Bronze Organizational Awards start rolling out from CPC we have had some questions regarding their manner of wear. Below is verbiage for manner of wear, and some example situations. Per NOAA Corps Directives Chapter 12, Part 7, Section 12703, combined with CPC guidance:

An officer receiving a DOC Organizational Award will wear a 5/16-inch silver-colored "O" worn on the large medal suspension ribbon and ribbon bar, denoting a group or organizational award. If an officer has previously received that DOC Award as an individual, the officer has the choice to wear the "O" on their current ribbon. A 5/16- inch silver-colored star worn on the large medal suspension ribbon and ribbon bar denotes each subsequent award.

Example situations that officers might encounter:
- 1st organization award --> medal set and "O"
- 2nd organization award --> "O" and 1 star
- Previous individual & 1st organizational --> "O" and 1 star. Officer can choose to wear "O" or not.
- 2 individual & 1st organizational --> "O" (optional) and 2 stars
- 1 individual & 2 organizational --> "O" (optional) and 2 stars
- 2 individual and 2 organizational --> "O" (optional) and 3 stars

For questions regarding the DOC Organization Awards, please contact LT Lindsay Morrison at 301-713-7712.