Director's Message:

Congratulations to the following officers who were promoted effective November 1, 2015:

Kurt A. Zegowitz
Timothy J. Gallagher
Brian E. Elliot
To Be Lieutenant (junior grade):
Shanae K. Coker

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

10 November 2015 Access to EOYP begin
12 February 2016 Access to EOYP end

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CAPT Joseph Pica 01 December 2015
LT Heather Moe 15 December 2015
LT Kelly Jacovino 31 December 2015
ENS Alanna Frayne 31 December 2015
LCDR Guinevere Lewis 31 December 2015
LT Brian Kennedy 31 December 2015
LT Rachel Kotkowski 31 December 2015

Officer Corps Management Plan

The FY16 Officer Corps Management Plan has been approved and posted to the CPC website at FY16 Management Plan

OER Electronic Signature Form

CPC is happy to announce the electronic signature OER form! The new form is available at the CPC website OER Form and is now authorized for use.

Each digital signature locks the text boxes above it. The form needs to be unlocked at its highest level before any edits can be made. Example: Reporting Officer signature needs to be unlocked before the Supervisor signature can be unlocked in order to make any edits to the Supervisor comments boxes.

Send completed electronic OER forms to with a cc: to Chief, OCMD. Hard copy signature versions will continue to be accepted if you prefer to go that route. Please contact the Chief, OCMD or LCDR Fionna Matheson,, with any questions or issues along the way.

Medical Readiness

All officers are required to remain physically qualified for duty at all times, this includes ensuring a complete physical exam and dental exam are on file in CPC. All officers are reminded to review their medical OPF to verify their current medical status. Officers with medical deficiencies will work quickly to resolve any outstanding issues. The medical OPF status provides detailed information regarding the submission of the last periodic physical examination, including the expiration date of the examination and other specific tests. Officers may submit outstanding items via the medical OPF online. Please contact CDR Hobson-Powell,, if there are any discrepancies in, or you have any questions about your medical OPF.

Birth Certificates

All officers who wish to document the addition of a child or spouse must provide original or certified copies of the appropriate birth and/or marriage certificates. These documents will not be accepted via OPF online and must be mailed to the Commissioned Personnel Center.

Who To Ask in CPC

A primary mission of the Divisions within CPC is to provide support to the officers who make up NOAA's Commissioned Corps. For assistance with entitlements, PCS, awards, OPFs, medical, retirement, etc. contact the Officer Personnel Management Division (OPMD). For assistance with career counseling, OERs, training, assignments, and recruiting contact the Officer Career Management Division (OCMD). A CPC directory is located on the CPC website: Directory, and a "who to contact" tool is located at: who to contact