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End of Year Package 2015

The 2015 End of Year Package is off to a great start. The EOYP successfully opened Wednesday, November 25th and will close February 29, 2016. To date, 110 officers have started their EOYP and 24 officers have completed it. Due to officer requests, and in an effort to get them to the officers faster, BAH/Dependency forms are being emailed via Accellion directly to the officer. All officers with dependents should receive this within the next 2 weeks.

Thank you to all officers that have started/completed their EOYP, and CPC looks forward to having a high completion rate before the end of the calendar year!

Please direct any questions to LT Lindsay Morrison at

On the Horizon

07-11 December 2015 XO conference
04 January 2016 BOTC 127 begins
08 January 2016 Uniform and Awards Board
11-15 January 2016 CO conference
29 February 2016 Access to EOYP end

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LT Heather Moe 15 December 2015
LT Kelly Jacovino 31 December 2015
ENS Alanna Frayne 31 December 2015
LT Brian Kennedy 31 December 2015
LT Rachel Kotkowski 31 December 2015
CAPT Carl Newman 01 January 2016

A Note about adding OOD Letters to your OPF

Add all OOD letters (Inport, Underway, At Anchor) via OPF Fix - Training. The OOD Underway letter will be filed as a "Qualification" here at CPC, and that's where you'll see it show up in your OPF online. The OOD Inport and OOD At Anchor letters will be filed as "Training."

In general, please be sure to select the proper category from the drop-down menu when adding items to your OPF. This determines how the OPF Fix Case gets routed. If you're adding a training certificate, a qualification letter, or a transcript, select "Training/Education/Qualification." This sends the item to the email, where the Chief, OCMD and the Leadership Coordinator can see and process it.

Reminder: submit each document as a separate OPF Fix case, even if two seem related (e.g. NOAA Working Diver designation letter and NOAA Dive Training Certificate).

Promotion Qualifications - How the process works

  • Complete required training. For now, CLC only tracks CLC courses. For outside courses that are required (e.g. FEMA), submit the individual certificates.
  • Send the following as one packet to Chief, Officer Career Management Division via
    • Signed cover memo
    • Your completed CLC transcript (with your name on it) or the completion certificate from CLC. If you took some courses in the old CLC, send both transcripts - old and new.
    • Certificates for non-CLC courses
  • Here at CPC, we'll update the two databases that feed your online OPF.
  • You'll receive an email from informing you that you're eligible for promotion to the next grade. Attached will be a single PDF of the signed memo from Chief, OCMD, and your complete packet.
  • In your online OPF, you'll see a green check mark next to "OER Status" -- you're all set!

If you have questions, please contact LCDR Fionna Matheson at OCMD.