Director's Message:

Ahoy Shipmates! When I use the term "shipmates" I am referring to not only our winged colleagues, but also ALL of our civilian employees and partners whom we serve. Those of you who know me can attest to my love of the sea and the associated nautical customs, traditions, metaphors and sea stories. Indeed, sea stories are my weakness and I'll endeavor to avoid spinning so many yarns that I lose your interest. As I assume the conn from CAPT Krepp, I can't help but feel humbled to have this opportunity to work with an amazingly dedicated staff here at CPC. Although I would always rather be at sea, I am truly fortunate to be leading the CPC team and I am committed to serving and supporting the officers and families of the NOAA Corps.

In the coming weeks as I gain my human resources sea legs, I intend to provide more frequent communications than you've seen in the past. I've had a couple of "a-ha!" and "No way!" moments worth sharing over the past two weeks. I don't want to be the person on board our ship with a secret. One of these "a-ha's" crossed my bow yesterday. It pertains to airline luggage fees while traveling on orders and is described below. Future communications will likely be somewhat random in terms of timing as well as content, and will be sent via messages from the Director, CPC.

And finally, a brief glimpse in to my command philosophy. During my watch, I will emphasize the HR activities that underpin organizational excellence. My priorities are simple - discipline and accountability. These words mean much more than their common usage and I apply them both in a very broad sense. More on these in future messages.

Semper serviens,

CAPT Jeremy Adams, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

6-26 March 2016 REFTRA-80
March 2016 BOTC 128 Selection Board

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CDR Stephen Meador 01 April 2016
CAPT Mark Moran 01 April 2016
CAPT Lawrence Krepp 01 May 2016
CAPT Harris Halverson 01 May 2016
LT Mark Frydrych 01 May 2016
LTJG Theresa Smith 13 May 2016

Call for Applications: 2016 Administrator's and Technology Transfer Awards

On behalf of NOAA's Administrator, the Workforce Management Office (WFMO) seeks nominations for the 2016 Administrator's and Technology Transfer Awards. Please consider all eligible candidates for these prestigious awards as nominations should reflect the full breadth of NOAA's diversity among all occupations and grade levels. Look for outstanding achievements that represent collaborative efforts across Line and Staff Offices as well as within your programs. Winners will be recognized this autumn at a ceremony in Silver Spring, Maryland. Additional information, including the nomination form and process, is available at:

Call for Applications: National ACO Scholarships

The Executive Committee of National ACO Scholarships, Inc. has issued its annual call to high school seniors and college undergrads for applications for scholarship awards for the 2016/2017 academic year. The two-page application form is available on the "Resources" page of the NOAA Officer Family Association website (, under the heading "National ACO Scholarships, Inc." Application forms may also be obtained by contacting Secretary/Treasurer Captain Dave Peterson, NOAA (Ret), by phone (301-921-6357) or email ( Complete application packages should be sent to the corporation's post office address (on the application form) and should be postmarked this year no later than Friday, April 15, 2016.

From the Recruiting Branch

The Recruiting Officers would like to thank everyone who played a role in the recruiting process for BOTC 128 from attending recruiting events to conducting interviews. We had 69 completed applications and the Selection Board convenes in March to select new officers.

Airline Baggage Fees

When airlines waive bag fees for military members traveling on orders, this is done as a matter of airline policy and not through legislation or contracting. Some airlines make an intentional distinction in their policy between armed and uniformed services, as increasing the population size for those who are eligible for waived bag fees represent lost revenue. Therefore, these airline policies are not an entitlement and would not be addressed in the JTR or other Federal Regulations. It is a courtesy that individual airlines extend to members of the military, similar to discounted rates at amusement parks or retailers. Each airline would have to update their individual policies and/or procedures to include members of the NOAA Corps. CPC does not have the capacity to try and negotiate with airlines and have them add the NOAA Corps to their free checked bag policy. Remember, baggage fees are a reimbursable expense while traveling on orders.