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On February 6th, CPC released the 2017 Officer Corps Management Plan (OCMP.) Not too long ago when I was a Junior Officer (OK, actually it WAS a long time ago) I can't recall a single time when I was waiting with baited breath for the OCMP to be published. I suspect that, with the exception of those officers toward the top of the lineal list in their respective ranks, not too many people have been eagerly awaiting this year's OCMP either. Those of you who were waiting on the edge of your seat for it, I know a uniformed service human resources office in Silver Spring that has an assignment opportunity for you!

If you haven't read it, I strongly recommend you do for two reasons. First, this year's OCMP was written in a style that marked a drastic departure from previous years – a concerted effort was made to use simple language that is easier to understand. Most importantly, the analysis and subsequent direction for the management of the NOAA Corps has recommended "a more active approach to management at all ranks, and in particular the junior officer ranks, to include…implementing the Annual Review of the lineal list… for FY 17." The Director, NOAA Corps has approved the 2017 OCMP, indicating that RADM Score has concurred with CPC's analysis and our recommendations.

For those of you unfamiliar with the annual review of the lineal list, it is a tool for management of the NOAA Corps which has not been used in quite some time. The purpose of the annual review is to evaluate the entire officer corps and look for individual outliers in terms of performance and potential. The review looks for both high potential/high performing officers as well as those who may be foundering within their cohort group. The annual review results in recommendations for personnel actions ranging from nomination for an award, to adjustment of lineal number (up or down), to involuntary retirement or separation. Again, looking back on my days as a Junior Officer 20+ years ago, it was that last part – separation – that scared the bejesus out of me (and makes me think that if I were a JO I'd be thankful for the Blended Retirement System – I'm neither endorsing or rejecting BRS…just giving my personal retrospective opinion.)

My point is this – as an organization we are nearly returned to full health; we are exceptionally healthy at the more junior ranks, and we will be ship shape and Bristol fashion in all ranks by late 2019. Your performance and potential as documented in your official personnel folder (OPF) is what gets you selected for promotion. How you look on paper, which includes the readiness of your OPF, makes a difference to an officer personnel board and how they view your value to the NOAA Corps during the annual review. For example, does your OPF have holes in it with missing OERs? Do you have a bio? Have you demonstrated continuous learning or did you binge-complete your CLC promotion requirements right before an OPB? So, my advice to all my shipmates in blue – put your best foot forward and make routine maintenance of your OPF a continuous habit. Based on the 2017 OCMP analysis of the NOAA Corps, the annual review is likely here to stay.

Semper serviens,

CAPT Amilynn E. Adams, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

05-25 Mar 2017 REFTRA
07 Apr 2017 BOTC 129 Billet Night
01-05 May 2017 CO/XO Immersion

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

ENS Lander Ver Hoef 28 Feb 2017
LT Amber Payne 01 Mar 2017
LT Loren Evory 01 Apr 2017
ENS Christopher Pickens 01 Apr 2017
LCDR Jason Appler 01 May 2017
LT Jon Andvick 01 May 2017
LT Marc Weekley 01 May 2017
LT Linh Nguyen 01 May 2017

History: In the Realm of the Beast

Benjamin "Beast" Butler was a political general who had a profound influence on American history. Prior to Abraham Lincoln issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, Butler had declared slaves who ran away to Union lines "contraband of war", thus eliminating the argument that they were property to be returned to their former owners. However, he earned the sobriquet "Beast" when as military governor of New Orleans he directed that women who made insulting comments to Union soldiers be treated as common prostitutes. This insult to Southern womanhood was met by outrage in North and South alike.

After the war, Butler built a large home adjacent to Coast Survey headquarters in 1873. In 1891, the government purchased this house for use by the Survey. As a result, much of the then Coast and Geodetic Survey conducted its work in the home of "the Beast" until 1929 when it moved to new quarters.

Demonstrating Honor, Respect, and Commitment

Photo Caption: L to R: C. Patricia Spencer, Tina Spencer, LTJG Dustin Picard, AB Brayden Schweitzer,
Jacklyn Schweitzer, Jennifer Korte, Joe Korte.

Approximately one month ago on January 26, 2017, Airman Basic Brayden Schweitzer, USAF – our late shipmate LCDR Gregory R Schweitzer's son – graduated from the US Air Force's Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. A special thank you and bravo zulu to LTJG Dustin Picard for volunteering to fulfill the request of AB Schweitzer's family by participating in his graduation ceremony and presenting him with an ensign that was flown aboard each of his father's previous and forthcoming sea assignments; Henry Bigelow, Oscar Dyson, and Oregon II. Bravo zulu to Commander Jeffrey Taylor and LCDR Lecia Salerno for their assistance, dedication, and coordination in ensuring the flag was received by the family prior to the ceremony, and to Commander Michael Levine for completing the flag's journey when it was flown over Oscar Dyson in Kodiak, Alaska before departing on the start of your rigorous field season. How we treat each other defines us as an organization. Your contributions to that definition brought our core values to life in a way that was very meaningful to our shipmate's family and which were in keeping with the finest traditions of the NOAA Corps. AB Schweitzer's mother, Ms. Tina Spencer's thank you note for your efforts is here.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Operations Center (NOC)

NOAA currently staffs a desk at DHS's NOC located in Washington DC. The purpose of this position in the NOC is to facilitate coordination between NOAA, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal, state and local partners, especially during a crisis. NOAA support to the NOC is crucial as NOAA's products and services are vital support for national situation monitoring, response and current federal activities related to natural and man-made hazards, including terrorism.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer, Homeland Security Program Office (HSPO) needs additional employees to serve as periodic 'watch-standers' at the DHS NOC. The individuals will serve as backup support to the NOAA Desk Officer providing situational awareness and incident response. Candidates should have a strong weather background and a broad understanding of all NOAA capabilities, and be O-3 or above. A Top Secret/SCI clearance is preferred, a current secret clearance is mandatory. Candidates must be able to synthesize information from various sources, develop and deliver briefings to senior leadership, serve two days per month, be on-call several days per month, and provide 24/7 support during periods of heightened security.

Interested and suitable employees should contact Regis Walter at 202-282-9937, or CAPT Anne Lynch, at 301-628-5653.

Medical Eligibility for Promotion



There are still NOAA Corps officers who are not medically eligible for promotion due to lapsed documentation. All officers are responsible for making sure they maintain a medically fit for duty status at all times, which requires complete medical documentation in your official medical file (OMF.) Please review your medical status in your OMF. Officers who have failed to manage their medical readiness must complete and submit any outstanding requirements by Tuesday February 28th to ensure missing documentation is included in their OMF. Documents submitted after this date will be processed with no guarantee of timely inclusion in your file. Your OPF and OMF are YOUR responsibility – submit your documentation, track it, and review your files to ensure you are eligible for promotion.

Officers with questions about medical qualifications are encouraged to contact LT Sharon Downey, Chief, Medical Administration Branch at, 301-713-7718.

Note – Medical information must be sent to LT Downey via secure file transfer (Accellion), secure fax (301-713-2039), your OPF Add Document function (select Document Type "Medical/Dental"), or mail with medical forms contained in an interior sealed envelope marked "Officer Medical Information, Chief, MAB eyes only."

Reminders for officers in the 2017 promotion zones

  • Deadline for OPF additions (awards, training certificates, PCS orders, etc) will be close of business on Friday, April 7, 2017
  • Completion of Promotion Training memorandum to the Chief, Officer Career Management Division (OCMD) must be received by close of business on Friday, April 7, 2017
  • Exception (special) OERs for officers being considered by selection board for promotion are authorized per OER Directive 10.A.3.c.1.c. as long as the following conditions are met:
    • Period of report is at least six months
    • Must arrive at CPC by COB on Friday, March 15, 2017 (not later than 45 days before the board convening date)
    • Section 2 of the OER should contain the comment "This OER is submitted under Article 10.A.3.c.(1)(c) due to officer being considered by selection board for promotion"

Alternate Combination Cover and Unisex Combination Cover

When the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law by President Obama, the previously approved mandatory possession or wear date for the Navy alternate combination cover or the newly designated unisex combination cover was changed from October 31, 2016 to October 31, 2018. Although not required to by law, we rely on the Navy for the supply of this part of our uniforms, and have decided to change our mandatory possession or wear date from October 31, 2016 to October 31, 2018.

End of Year Package (EOYP) 2016

End of Year Package (EOYP) is drawing to a close. All officers are required to complete by the end of the month, no later than COB February 28, 2017. Thank you to the many officers who took their time to provide feedback via anonymous survey at package conclusion which will facilitate practical improvements to the effort for 2017.

For any questions, please email LT Laura Gibson at

Blended Retirement System in on Social Media

In an effort to reach every service member and their families, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness is pleased to announce the release of Blended Retirement System social media presence

Handle: @DoDFINRED

Handle: @DoDFINRED

Page name: Office of Financial Readiness
(this URL will become shorter after we reach a certain number of followers)

PCS Guidance

Temporary Quarters: Employees may occupy temporary quarters at government expense; however, payment for temporary quarters will not be reimbursed if the employee has signed a lease, closed on their home or moved into permanent housing. Charges incurred after this point are the responsibility of the employee.

Storage of Household Goods (HHG): It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure they have not exceeded the maximum weight allowance. When NOAA Finance receives a bill for HHG transportation which exceeds the weight limitation plus the 2,000 pound packing allocation, they must pay the entire invoice and then bill the employee for the overage.

Change in HHG Vendor Effective March 1st, this office will begin using the services of Berger Management Solutions (BMS) for the pick-up, transportation, storage, and delivery of HHG. Please do not request HHG estimates from our current vendor, Move Management after February 28th. When sending the Travel Request forms, please ensure the transferee's phone number and e-mail address are provided.

Reminder to the Recent Graduates of the NCOTC

After reporting to your new duty station, please make sure you change your address for Payroll, TSP, and all mail.