Message from the Director


It gives me great pleasure to announce that the following officers have been selected for promotion:


  • Michael F. Ellis
  • Joe C. Bishop
  • David J. Zezula
  • Arthur J. Stark, Jr.
  • Kristie J. Twining


  • Lindsay R. Kurelja
  • Patrick D. Didier
  • Christopher M. Kerns
  • Jason R. Mansour
  • Briana W. Hillstrom
  • Amanda L. Goeller
  • Patrick L. Murphy
  • Sarah K. Duncan


  • Jeffrey G. Pereira
  • Russell A. Quintero
  • Matthew M. Forney
  • Matthew J. Nardi
  • Adam R. Reed
  • Adrienne L. Hopper
  • Ryan A. Wartick
  • Nicholas C. Morgan
  • Timothy C. Sinquefield
  • Aaron D. Maggied
  • David B. Cowan
  • Lyndsey E. Davis
  • Laura L. Gibson
  • Bryan M. Begun
  • Joseph K. Carrier, III


  • Chelsea D. Boone
  • Richard C. DeTriquet
  • James R. Europe, IV
  • Cherisa L. Friedlander
  • Elizabeth R. Mackie
  • Gavin D. Chensue
  • Hadley A. Owen
  • Jason C. Clark
  • William J. Carrier, Jr.
  • Ryan A. Belcher


  • Casey S. Marwine
  • Douglas W. Pawlishen
  • Rosemary P. Abbitt
  • Jessica Senzer
  • David A. McVay, Jr.
  • Andrew P. Reynaga
  • Rachel L. Pryor
  • Carmen R. DeFazio
  • Stephen R. Moulton
  • Steven R. Solari
  • Benjamin E. VanDine
  • Billy J. Bonner
  • David Wang
  • Felicia M. Drummond
  • Laura E. Dwyer
  • Steven J. Wall
  • Nikolai F. Pawlenko
  • Hollis M. Europe
  • Shanae K. Coker
  • Erick Estela Gomez


  • Lydia A. Ames
  • Jeffrey J. Douglas
  • Keith D. Hanson
  • Lauren B. Jarlenski
  • Shelley T. Devereaux
  • Matthew B. Sharr
  • Dylan A. Kosten
  • Frank J. Centinello, III
  • Max P. Anderson
  • Christopher J. Licitra
  • Justin N. Boeck
  • Bryan R. Brasher
  • David P. Reymore, Jr.
  • Timothy J. Brown
  • Caroline A. Wilkinson
  • Kathryn L. Carria
  • Sara M. Thompson
  • Laura E. Rock
  • Jennifer S. Kraus
  • Marisa P. Gedney
  • Michelle M. Levano

Congratulations selectees! I wish to cordially remind you of the duty to observe the manners and traditions of our profession and arrange for a suitable wetting down for your shipmates to properly recognize and celebrate your advancement to the next rank. To assist in your planning, CPC expects to effect these promotions on October 1, 2017. National Capitol Region area officers I look forward to an invite, recommend you pool resources, and use your wetting down to socialize and network with your shipmates. Remember, the term "shipmate" also includes those folks you work with that don't wear a uniform.

Officers not selected for promotion are highly encouraged to contact CPC for board feedback and career counseling. Non-selected officers in the grade of commander are encouraged to contact me, lieutenant commanders and below are encouraged to contact CDR Shoup.

I wish to remind all officers that the time to prepare for promotion is not when you find yourself in zone. The time to prepare for promotion is ongoing and continuous. The aphorism "you're either green and growing, or ripe and rotting" still holds true. CPC's Officer Career Management Division (OCMD) exists to provide career counseling to help you plan and advance your career. Don't wait until you're in zone to consult with CDR Shoup.

Semper serviens,

CAPT Amilynn E. Adams, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

23 July 2017 BOTC 130 commences
31 July - 4 Aug 2017 Marine Ops - CO/XO Immersion Week

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CDR Brian Parker 01 Aug 2017
CDR Peter Siegel 01 Aug 2017
LTJG Sean Luis 18 Aug 2017
LT Jasmine Cousins 01 Sep 2017
LT Michael Marino 01 Sep 2017
LT Andrea Proie 15 Sep 2017
CDR Matthew Wingate 01 Oct 2017
RADM David Score 01 Nov 2017
LCDR Denise Gruccio 01 Nov 2017
LCDR Brian Prestcott 01 Nov 2017

History: A Strange Feeling How Far We Have Come

Not quite fifty years ago, a science journalist was invited to join a cruise on the brand new ship DISCOVERER (OSS 02). DISCOVERER and her sister ship OCEANOGRAPHER (OSS 01) were then the largest and most modern ships in the United States' oceanographic fleet. The journalist was amazed at the ability of the shipboard computers to produce a graphic display. What follows are the journalist's words:

"To help with a big job, the newest oceanographic surface ships of the world today have sophisticated computers. When I was aboard the DISCOVERER, one of her officers had the computer put on a demonstration of one thing it could do. It ordered a pen to move over paper on the flat surface of a large table. The pen moved, guided by a metal arm, and drew a picture on the paper. To see the pen, all by itself, unguided by human hands, start with a big, blank sheet of paper and draw a complete picture on it, was, I think, one of the strangest-feeling experiences I have ever had."

"The pen, in sure dark strokes of ink, put in details in its drawing. It was almost human; it even made a mistake. It tried to draw a long straight line representing the ship's waterline and left blank a stretch of the line. The pen was running out of ink. But when it finally stopped, it had drawn the picture of a ship. The ship was the DISCOVERER..."

Training & Development

UPDATE to FY17 and FY18 Training events! All officers are encouraged to visit the OMAO Intranet, Learning Office (Training & Development) page for updates on upcoming training events. The Learning Office works across OMAO, NOAA and DOC to publish both a Google calendar and spreadsheet of training events. You should also explore the Learning Topics links on the right had side of the Learning Office (Training & Development) page including:

  • Annual Training Plan-FY18
  • Contact information
  • FAQs for Training
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • Leadership Development
  • NO COST/LOW COST Outside Learning Opportunities
  • NOAA Competitive Training Opportunities

If you know of other events or changes, please contact the Learning Office at

Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System Opt-In Course

Beginning January 1, 2018, officers with less than 12 years of service will be able to opt-in to the new Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System (BRS). The training office will be releasing a CLC version of the BRS training found on the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) website to help officers make an informed decision about their retirement. We expect to see the class go live later this month on CLC. This class will be mandatory for all officers who are eligible to opt-in.

In addition, all opt-in eligible officers are encouraged to look for supplemental classes at military bases near them and work with a financial advisor to ensure they can make the best informed decision on whether or not to opt in to BRS. Officers in the Washington, DC area have an opportunity to attend a supplemental training session at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling on August 3, 2017.

Email for more information.

Uniform and Awards Board

The current term for the Uniform and Awards Board (UAB) is coming to an end and CPC is seeking new membership. The current UAB structure enables virtual Board membership so membership is open to all officers in the rank of O-2 and above. The NOAA Corps UAB provides the Director, NOAA Corps with recommendations for awards, decorations and uniforms. The UAB is comprised of no less than three active duty officers appointed by the Director. Membership typically consists of eight or nine officers. A senior member of the UAB is appointed the Chair and is responsible for arranging and organizing the meetings as well as managing minutes of the meeting and debriefing the Director as necessary. UAB duties primarily include reviewing and making recommendations to the Director of qualifying award nominations. The UAB convenes once a month and membership is for 18 months. Additional UAB duties are outlined in NOAA Corps Directive, Chapter 10, Section 10010.

If you are interested in joining the UAB, please contact LT Laura Gibson at by COB Monday, July 31, 2017. The newly appointed UAB will convene in August for an overlap Board with the outgoing team.

From the Assignment Desk:

Operations/Marine Science Division Officer, USCGC HEALY

The Assignment Branch is looking for a highly motivated and ambitious officer to take on the responsibilities of Operations/Marine Science Division Officer for the NOAA Corps aboard the polar icebreaker United States Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC) HEALY, homeported in Seattle, Washington. USCGC HEALY is a polar icebreaker outfitted with advanced technology and provides a diverse platform ready to conduct a range of scientific missions, including hydrographic surveys, water quality and atmospheric data collection, and biological sampling in remote locations.

The primary responsibilities of the incumbent are to serve as a deck watch officer responsible for safe navigation and operation of a 420 foot, 16,000 ton cutter in icebound and open waters. Responsibilities include overseeing small boat and flight operations, over-the-side science sampling and leading a navigational watch. In addition, the Marine Science Division Officer is responsible for coordinating research activities underway and serving as liaison between embarked science party and command. The officer plans and organizes logistics for science mobilization and demobilization, and maintenance of science equipment.

This billet provides the incumbent with valuable budget experience, logistical oversight and coordination of scientific operations, and a direct supervisory role which will prepare the officer for a future sea tour as Executive Officer. For those interested in the position please contact the Assignment Coordinator and submit a statement of interest by July 21, 2017. This assignment is expected to begin in July 2018.

#0511 Staff Officer, NOAA Corps Policy

Commissioned Personnel Center (CPC) is looking for a high preforming officer to fill a new O-4 billet in the NOAA Corps Policy Division, one of the three primary execution divisions within CPC. The Division is responsible for the development, update, and management of HR policies associated with the NOAA Corps. In addition, the Division expounds upon NOAA's HR policies, as needed, for implementation and execution in OMAO.

The incumbent officer will provide broad based policy support for the entire NOAA Corps. Develop, evaluate and periodically review the CPC policy development strategy. Analyze and evaluate, on a quantitative and qualitative basis, the effectiveness of policy development goals and objectives. Lead, conduct, and/or participate in any comprehensive study/review designed to restructure NOAA Corps policy, and contribute to/develop OMAO personnel policies. As well as represent NOAA Corps on the Military Advisory Panel at the biweekly Per Diem, Travel, Transportation & Allowances Committee, and serve as a representative to inter-agency group meetings (SGLI, Blended Retirement, etc.).

The billet is currently vacant, interested officers should update preferences and contact the Assignment Coordinator.

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Enjoy and congratulations on "celebrating a century of service"!