Message from the Director


It is with a mix of excitement and sorrow that I inform you that this is my last Cyberflash as Director, CPC. RADM Score has approved my assignment to Senior Advisor to the Director, OMAO and NOAA Corps, effective September 5, 2017. I truly value our NOAA ohana; our shared commitment to the work we do and the bonds we develop through the rigors of shared experiences. Being able to serve as your Director, CPC has been a privilege which I will always cherish because I was given the opportunity to lead the center that serves a small but crucial part of NOAA's most valuable resource you.

With change comes opportunity and while I will miss being at the helm of CPC serving the NOAA Corps with the dedicated staff at CPC, I look forward to continuing to move our organization forward. I look forward to maintaining and pursuing higher levels of organizational excellence for NOAA and the Nation. In executing that commitment, I am grateful to RADM (select) Silah for the opportunity to serve as his Senior Advisor.

The mantle of leadership is demanding. Those of us who have had the privilege of commanding Centers, ships, planes, field parties, and stations know the rigors there is a definite emotional and physical toll but we all know the pure joy and intense satisfaction of when we succeed; and we succeed often thanks to you. Hurricane Harvey operations are just one of many glowing examples of how we provide value to our Nation and care for our fellow citizens. For me, the reason I continue to serve is based on this example and so many others. I serve because I love. I love our shipmates. I love our mission. I love our Country.

Captain Anne Lynch will report on September 15, 2017 as Director, CPC. Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend and if you're underway or in the air this Labor Day, fly and sail safe.

Semper serviens,

CAPT Amilynn E. Adams, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

4 - 7 Sep 2017 USCGC EAGLE Public Outreach Events, Alexandria, VA
5 Sep 2017 USCGC EAGLE Guadalcanal Remembrance Event, Alexandria, VA
13 Oct 2017 BOTC 130 Billet Night
21 Nov 2017 BOTC 130 Graduation

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LT Michael Marino 01 Sep 2017
LT Andrea Proie 15 Sep 2017
CDR Matthew Wingate 01 Oct 2017
LT Refael Klein 13 Oct 2017
RADM David Score 01 Nov 2017
LCDR Denise Gruccio 01 Nov 2017
CDR Marc Sweeney 01 Dec 2017
ENS Kaitlyn Seberger 15 Dec 2017

NOAA Corps Represented in BRS Social Media Campaign

In case you missed it, the DoD Office of Financial Readiness has produced a social media campaign to educate opt-in eligible uniformed service members about the Blended Retirement System. The clips features many west-coast stationed officers. Thank you to those who lent their "star power" to the effort. One of several clips recently released is here.

"Forever GI Bill"

President Trump recently signed the "Forever GI Bill." Check out the changes and differences in this Military Times article.

BRS Training For Senior Leaders

As the window of opportunity to opt-in to the Blended Retirement System gets closer, senior leaders can play a crucial role in enabling their opt-in eligible officers by ensuring they can provide good information and give ample opportunity for their JOs to seek and consult with professional financial advisors. To be conversant and help encourage those with less than 12 years of service by the end of this year to make a well-informed decision that meets personal financial goals, a non-CAC enabled "Blended Retirement System Leader's Course" is available on Joint Knowledge Online.

From the Chief, Career Management Division: Personnel Changes

The Officer Career Management Division (OCMD) will undergo a number of personnel changes in the beginning of September. The Assignment Coordinator, LCDR Patrick Sweeney will be leaving on a detail within OMAO, in his absence LT Jeffrey Pereira will assume the role of Chief, Officer Assignment Branch. LT Jared Halonen will be fleeting up within the Officer Recruiting Branch to fill the Chief billet when LT Pereira moves over. These changes are expected to occur the first week of September.

OCMD is working to ensure a smooth transition as we move forward and will remain committed to providing high quality services to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach me at


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Enjoy and congratulations on "celebrating a century of service"!