Message from the Director

I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the items that have been brought up in the Cyberflash recently and are worthy of reiterating.

  • OER Did you know there was a new form? Two of them in fact, one for O-1/O-2 and one for O-3 to O-6. I can humbly admit that I was caught by this myself and had to re-do an OER on the new form! Please remember to use the links on our website to get to the forms (then you know it's the right one). Also, the forms have less space, which is a good thing overall, but as supervisors it means you have to get to those accurate and honest statements sooner, with less fluff. It's a good writing exercise to have to say only the most important things.
  • BRS If you don't recognize this acronym and you have less than 12 years of service, please call CDR Shoup. The Blended Retirement System will be here in January, 2018. We've had notices in almost every Cyberflash, but if you are eligible, please take your training and be ready to make a decision in the next year. For the rest of us, it is good to understand the new system so we can offer assistance to the new officers reporting to us.
  • EOYP It's end of year package time! I am especially proud of this because we started it when I was here before and I am glad to see it is still working! See info below for specifics.
  • OCMP We are in the final clearance process for the Officer Corps Management Plan (which will include zone sizes and expected board dates). We expect to have it published by December. Another annual review will not occur until February, 2019. This will allow more time for officers to act on any recommendations from the last one, and will line the annual reviews up with the due date of the EOY package, which should ensure everyone's files are up to date.
  • NOAA Corps Directives There have been some significant changes, I'll be sending a special Director's message in the next week or so to highlight the most critical ones. The on-line version of the Directives is always the best reference as it is the current policy.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, and with it the anniversary of LCDR Schweitzer's death, I want to also take a minute to remind all of us to be extremely grateful for what we have; to always strive to be kind; to know that there is no harm in asking for help; to remember our commitment to watch ourselves and others carefully for signs of stress and take action when needed.

Be kind to yourself and all those entrusted to your care.

CAPT Anne K. Lynch, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

21 Nov 2017 BOTC 130 Graduation
04 - 08 Dec 2017 CO/XO Conference
08 - 12 Jan 2018 Mid Grade Week One

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CDR Mark Sweeney 01 Dec 2017
LT Reni Rydlewicz 01 Dec 2017
ENS Kaitlyn Seberger 15 Dec 2017
LT Alexander Johnston 29 Dec 2017
CAPT William Odell 01 Jan 2018
LCDR Jonathan French 01 Feb 2018
LCDR Madeleine Adler 01 Mar 2018
LT Anna-Elizabeth Villard-Howe 01 Mar 2018
LCDR Jennifer Pralgo 01 Mar 2018

OCS 1-18/BOTC 130 Graduation Livestream

The OCS 1-18/BOTC 130 graduation will be broadcasted via livestream for those who will be unable to attend on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Below is the livestream link for your situational awareness:

TSP Webinar Date Change

In support of the upcoming BRS Opt-in period, Thrift Savings Plan is offering up two webinars to increase awareness and understanding. The first webinar is focused on BRS and TSP, however all officers are encouraged to attend the second webinar as it pertains to TSP in both BRS and the legacy retirement systems. Click on the links below to register for the session.

TSP Upcoming Sponsored Webinars

Both sessions will be recorded for viewing at later dates.

Please reach out to CDR Jeff Shoup, if you have any questions on BRS or the TSP webinars.

End of Year Package 2017

Next week kicks off this year's End of Year Package (EOYP)! This requirement is intended to assist CPC and officers in the maintenance of Officer Personnel Folders (OPF) and other personnel concerns, as we strive to continually enhance our customer service. EOYP link will be found within your OPF notification section and available to officers through February 4, 2018. Login and get started today! Contact LT Laura Gibson with any questions or concerns throughout the process.

National Response

The NOAA Corps Director has designated the response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria as national response operations for the period of August 23 - October 1, 2017. Are you or any officers you supervise eligible for the NOAA Corps National Response Deployment Medal (NRDM) or the National Response Service Ribbon (NRSR)? Check out NOAA Corps Directives Chapter 12, 12705C and 12705J respectively for eligibility requirements and ensure that the efforts of individuals are properly recognized when they go above and beyond normal duties.

From Payroll: Prior Military Service

If you have Prior Military Service you may benefit from having a record of your Prior Military Records. The following website you can order a copy of your records from your perspective military service. NOAA Corps Payroll does everything possible to make sure all of your time is recorded and that you're getting the correct pay for ALL of your military service.

History: The Wisdom of Bos'n Bob Savage

The backbone of the fleet is the cadre of longtime maritime employees who have dedicated their lives to serving with NOAA today, the old Coast and Geodetic Survey, and the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries vessels of yesteryear. Among the finest of those who served was Chief Boatswain Robert C. Savage. Savage served with the Coast and Geodetic Survey for 40 years, starting on the Oceanographer in 1930 and subsequently seventeen additional ships. His last ship was the then new Mt. Mitchell before retirement in 1970. Along the way he helped train hundreds of new C&GS officers, some of which would become admirals. Savage shared some of his wisdom in a 1970 interview:

"Never be in a hurry. Take your time and you will get there and the job done quicker and safer.

"Safety first aboard a survey vessel depends on good, alert petty officers and leading men.... Due to hazardous work and new crew at the start of each field season, petty officers and leading men have to be alert and on their toes.

"A leading man should never get mad and yell at his crew if they make a mistake. This could cause an accident. Take them aside and show them their mistake. Then show them the way to do the job.

"Never take things for granted. Inspect. Be sure, not sorry.

"Keep alert at all times when standing anchor or lookout watch.... The safety of your ship may depend on you.

"Safety first aboard ship is everyone's job. Be alert. Think before you act.

"Have patience and train your crew. A well-trained crew is a safe crew."

Bos'n Savage's advice is as pertinent today as it was nearly 50 years ago.

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Enjoy and congratulations on "celebrating a century of service"!