Message from the Director

As many of you are aware, CAPT John C. Clary III, NOAA (Ret.) passed away this week. His obituary can be found here. While he is not the first retired officer to have passed and been discussed in Cyberflash, for me, this one hit home a little harder. Although I had never worked directly for CAPT Clary, he had a significant influence on my career. It was his passion for NOAA Ship Miller Freeman (and perhaps some gentle prodding) that directed me to the XO position there. During that assignment, it was his coaching and guidance that made me understand that I was ready for an Acting CO leg (even if I didn't quite believe it). This gave me the experience and confidence (as well as the appropriate amount of "fish stink") to serve as CO of NOAA Ship Henry Bigelow, an assignment that gave me great pride, an assignment I would not trade for any other, which prepared me for leadership positions throughout my career since. I know there are many officers, some already retired, many still on active duty, that are honored to have been mentored and supported by CAPT Clary, and we are all grateful for him. CAPT Clary's death is a reminder, as NOAA Corps goes on past its 100th birthday, there will be more and more retirees crossing the bar. I hope that all of us are mindful of the influences they have had on our careers' and our Service as a whole, and that we take time to celebrate them all.

Be kind to yourself and those entrusted to your care…

CAPT Anne K. Lynch, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

13 April 2018 BOTC 131 Billet Night
16 April 2018 All OERs for officers in zone due to CPC
23 - 24 April 2018 NOAA Environmental Data Management Workshop
2 May 2018 Officer Assignment Board
7 - 11 May 2018 Gulf Coast Hurricane Awareness Tour
17 May 2018 BOTC 131 Graduation

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LT Daniel Rees 30 Apr 2018
LTJG Bryan Stephan 11 May 2018
CAPT Amilynn Adams 01 Jun 2018
CDR Nathan Hancock 01 Jun 2018
LCDR Lyndsey Davis 01 Jun 2018
CAPT Robert Kamphaus 01 AUG 2018
LT Jessica Senzer 10 AUG 2018
LT Adam Ruckman 24 AUG 2018
LT Gavin Chensue 31 AUG 2018
LCDR Brian Prestcott 01 Nov 2018

History: The Good Old Days

During the Great Depression and right up until the beginning of World War II, promotion stagnation was the norm. The nine senior ensigns each had over nine years service;15 JGs had over fourteen years service; and eighteen lieutenants had over twenty years service. Twelve out of sixteen lieutenant commanders had over twenty-five years service; seven out of ten commanders had over thirty years service; and four out of six captains had over thirty-six years service. Pay is a bit cryptic to determine as there is longevity, subsistence, dependents, and rent that could be added, but according to the 1917 pay chart ensigns could take home $2274 maximum; lieutenants (j.g.) $4158; lieutenants $4998; lieutenant commanders $6357; commanders $7200; and in a somewhat anomalous situation, captains $7200. The Director of the C&GS, a Rear Admiral (UH) was capped at $8000. This looks pretty good at first glance by comparison to today's numbers. However, those pay rates are per year, not per month.

Leadership Program for Women in STEM

LCDR Rebecca Waddington recently returned from a three-week expedition to Antarctica, the culminating event of Homeward Bound. This globally competitive leadership program aims to create a network of 1000 women over ten years by focusing on improving the impact of women in STEM and increasing their influence on environmental policy and decision making. Each cohort takes part in a year-long program in which they collaborate with women from around the globe in science research, while also developing their own leadership capability through skills assessments, one-on-one coaching sessions, personal and professional strategy development and visibility exercises. The final event brings all of the women together in Antarctica, where the effects of climate change are most apparent. The expedition creates strong bonds, inspires action and leads to innovative collaborate that carries through the Homeward Bound network. Interested in learning more and taking part in this incredible program? Join LCDR Waddington on 24 April for an informative webinar, scheduling details forthcoming.

Required Training for Promotion to LT

Last month CPC hosted the OMAO Budgeting webinar to satisfy the Federal Budget Process requirement for promotion to LT. We had technical difficulties with the webinar precluding us from making it available online. We are coordinating with OMAO's CFO to get a new presentation recorded and available as a video course via the CLC and in time to meet the promotion requirement deadline.

If you have any question, please contact us at

Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) - "Onward to Opportunity" (O2O) Program

Attention NOAA Transitioning Service Members and Spouses:

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) - "Onward to Opportunity" (O2O) Program is coming to the National Capitol Region (Click here for flyer). Onward to Opportunity (O2O) Program is a "FREE", comprehensive career training, certification and employment program designed to launch you into your next career with over 30 industry-recognized career tracks and courses.


  • Active Duty Service Members (to include active guard and reserve) within 6 months of separation or retirement
  • National Guard and Reserve currently serving in a non-active status
  • Spouses of any active duty service member, post 9/11 veteran and active duty National Guard or Reserve.

***TO GET STARTED, complete the program intake form at (Select the National Capital Region)***

The first cohort is scheduled 30 April - 3 May, onboard Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling.