Message from the Director

It has been a pleasure to serve at CPC for a second time, and I thank RADM Silah for the opportunity and CIO Zach Goldstein for providing me the flexibility to be here. I especially want to thank both the HSPO and CPC teams for their support; I couldn't have done this detail without them having my back. I sincerely appreciate it! I am honored (and filled with a fair amount of glee) to hand the CPC reins over to CAPT Devin Brakob, and go back to doing just one job. CAPT Brakob is no stranger to CPC, having worked as the Chief of Career Management in the past. He now returns to CPC following a tour as Executive Director for the Deputy Under Secretary. With his experience he is well suited to take Command of CPC. In the days of overlap with CAPT Brakob, I have discovered his undying commitment to the officers and the CPC team. His boundless energy, his thoughtful initiative, and his leadership will be tremendous additions to the CPC team. I know that CAPT Brakob will continue to work to build trust internally and externally, with the goal of a better customer experience for all. Please join me in welcoming him to CPC!

I am grateful for the chance to have worked in this position again, and have enjoyed my time with the team here and being "officially" involved in officers' careers. I look forward to going back to my HSPO billet full time and finding opportunities to continue to mentor officers in an unofficial capacity. Thanks again and please remember to be kind to yourself and all those entrusted to your care…

CAPT Anne K. Lynch, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

23 - 24 April 2018 NOAA Environmental Data Management Workshop
2 May 2018 Officer Assignment Board
7 - 11 May 2018 Gulf Coast Hurricane Awareness Tour
17 May 2018 BOTC 131 Graduation

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LT Daniel Rees 30 Apr 2018
LTJG Bryan Stephan 11 May 2018
CAPT Amilynn Adams 01 Jun 2018
CDR Nathan Hancock 01 Jun 2018
LCDR Lyndsey Davis 01 Jun 2018
CAPT Robert Kamphaus 01 AUG 2018
LT Jessica Senzer 10 AUG 2018
LT Adam Ruckman 24 AUG 2018
LT Gavin Chensue 31 AUG 2018
LCDR Brian Prestcott 01 Nov 2018

History: Snack-time Priorities

As we all know, the Commissioned Corps of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey was established in Section 16 of the act of May 22, 1917, which was "An Act To temporarily increase the commissioned and warrant and enlisted strength of the Navy and Marine Corps, and for other purposes." Although riders are attached to many bills, Section 21 of that act is more reminiscent of some of the specific requirements of a Union contract as opposed to sections of a law dealing with building the Navy and Marine Corps to wartime strength.

Section 21 follows:

"SEC. 21. That during the continuance of the present war an extra allowance of one ounce of coffee or coca, two ounces of sugar, four ounces of hard bread or its equivalent, and four ounces of preserved meat or its equivalent shall be allowed to enlisted men of the deck force when standing night watches between eight o'clock postmeridian and eight o'clock antemeridian."

Although the title of the act mentions only the Navy and Marine Corps, Section 16 states specifically: " That the president is hereby authorized, whenever in his judgment a sufficient national emergency exists, to transfer to the service and jurisdiction of the War Department, or of the Navy Department, such vessels, equipment, stations, and personnel of the Coast and Geodetic Survey as he may deem to the best interest of the country...." This section of the law of 1917 is still in effect.

Changes to CPC staff

CPC is pleased to welcome our new Work Force Planner/Analyst, Michael McCarthy. Michael comes to us after working ten years with IRS IT performing duties as Database Developer and Portfolio Manager for the Application Development and Enterprise Program Management Offices Project Health Assessments. Other civilian federal service includes nine years with the Department of the Navy conducting Shore Manpower Requirements Determination studies for Fleet Forces Command and Commander Navy Installations. He also spent 11 years in military service with the US Army as a Combat Engineer and Personnel Administration Specialist. He is a graduate from Keiser University College of Golf with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management. I am sure his love for golf will help him unwind after a long days helping CPC with officer workforce strategy – the OCMP, staffing new ships and planes, and planning for a potential increase in strength.

LT Carl Noblitt has departed CPC and is now en route to his new assignment as Operations Officer aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson. CPC, and in particular the Officer Personnel Management Division, is grateful for LT Noblitt's support while he was here. His outstanding performance in the preparation and implementation of critical documents associated with ongoing functions of CPC will benefit the NOAA Corps for several years to come.

Webinar: Leadership Program for Women in STEM

Interested in a unique leadership development opportunity? Applications for Homeward Bound's 12-month leadership program are NOW OPEN. Homeward Bound is a global initiative to build a collaborative network of 1000 female scientists while increasing their impact in environmental policy. Dive in to a learning experience that spans leadership, strategy, communications, gender inequality and science. It will be challenging and will require you to find new ways of thinking about yourself and the world around you. The 12-month program culminates in a 20 day expedition to Antarctica - the fragile wilderness that frames climate change and its impact on our future.

Visit for details and join 2018 Homeward Bound member, LCDR Rebecca Waddington on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 1500 EDT for a webinar describing the program, her experience, and the application process. Webinar details:

Meeting number: 733 401 155
Meeting password: 1234

Call in number: 877-926-4341
passcode: 4166993

BOTC 131-Billet Night

BOTC 131 received their assignments April 13, 2018 during Billet Night. For those that missed Billet Night last week have an opportunity to watch it again by going to Enjoy the video!

BOTC 131 Ship Assignments – Congratulations!

It's been a busy few weeks at the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center! BOTC 131 recently sailed aboard USCG Cutter Eagle, received their billets, and earned Senior Status.

The Ensigns of BOTC 131 received their billets alongside their Coast Guard shipmates at Billet Night on Friday, April 13. Please join us in congratulating them on the following assignments:

William R. T. AbbottNOAA Ship FairweatherKetchikan, AK
Tyler J. AldrichNOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson Norfolk, VA
Emily G. BellNOAA Ship Gordon Gunter Pascagoula, MS
Stefanie L. CoxeNOAA Ship Rainier Newport, OR
Luke M. Evancoe NOAA Ship Pisces Pascagoula, MS
Kermit R. Farrow Jr. NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter Pascagoula, MS
Samantha L. Flounders NOAA Ship Nancy Foster Charleston, SC
Alexander F. Lee NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow Newport, RI
Ryan A. Musick NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown Charleston, SC
Nathaniel Y. Park NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker San Diego, CA
Samuel H. Umfress NOAA Ship Rainier Newport, OR
Cabot A. Zucker NOAA Ship Fairweather Ketchikan, AK

Call for BOTC 133 Interviewers

The Officer Recruiting Branch is requesting two officers (1 primary/1 alternate), preferably at the O3/O4 rank, in each of the following regions to conduct interviews for BOTC 133 candidates from June 15 - July 15, 2018 (schedule is flexible):

  • Northeast Region (RI/MA)
  • Mid-Atlantic Region (SC-NJ)
  • Southeast Region (Central FL)
  • Central Region (Boulder, CO)
  • Midwest Region
  • Gulf Coast Region
  • Southwest Region
  • Northwest Region (Seattle, WA/Newport, OR)
  • Alaska Region
  • Hawaii Region (Honolulu, HI)

Interviewers can expect to see an average of 5-10 applicants. The regional interview process has received positive reviews from senior leadership, and having a dedicated group of interviewers will normalize scores and make them more valuable to the BOTC selection board.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact LT Jared Halonen at by May 25, 2018.

Attention Senior and Retired Officers in the Washington DC Area

As you may be aware, Steve Eisenberg, a long time employee of the Commissioned Personnel Center, passed away last September. Steve's memorial will be held this Sunday, April 22, 4:00 PM, at the Tikvat Israel Congregation, 2200 Baltimore Road, Rockville, Maryland.

Officers and retirees in the area are encouraged to attend. Uniform for officers in attendance is Service Dress Blue.

2018 Tax Reform Legislation and the NOAA Corps

As you may have heard, legislation which took effect on January 1, 2018, eliminated the deduction and exclusion for moving expenses, meaning that any travel and transportation entitlements received in conjunction with a PCS will be taxed as income. This will only apply to civilian employees, not NOAA Corps officers. As defined by the Internal Revenue Service, members of an organization categorized as a uniformed service are eligible for the same benefits as the armed services. Therefore, officers who move pursuant to a PCS are excepted from this new law and will not be taxed on PCS entitlements.