Message from the Director

Fellow NOAA Corps officers,

Mentorship is a learning and developmental partnership between two participants that can benefit the individuals as well as the organization. Admiral Gallaudet sent an email on August 29th to all NOAA employees announcing a new NOAA Mentoring Program ( I recently talked with the Mentoring Program Manager, Ms. Jill Walther, about the NOAA Corps and how we could utilize this resource. The web-based platform the program uses is robust and can identify best possible matches between mentors and mentees. Junior NOAA Corps officers looking to establish a mentorship with a more senior NOAA Corps officer can identify that in the system. Obviously, in order for this to work, we need senior NOAA Corps officers to also register for the program as mentors and clearly identify on the application that you are looking to mentor a NOAA Corps officer.

The benefits to the NOAA Corps by having officers participate in this program are numerous. A few of them from the Office of Personnel and Management "Best Practices Mentoring" document list are:

  • Professional Identity: when younger employees are early in their careers they need help understanding what it means to be a professional in their working environment.
  • Career Development: mentoring helps employees plan, develop, and manage their careers. It also helps them become more resilient in times of change.
  • Organizational Development and Culture Change: mentoring can help communicate the values, vision, and mission of the organization.
  • Retention: mentoring has been found to influence employee retention because it helps establish an organizational culture that is attractive to top talent clamoring for growth opportunities. Mentoring is a tangible way to show employees that they are valued and that the organization's future includes them.

The NOAA Corps Leadership Development Framework references mentoring in Leading Self (Continuous Learning) and in Leading Organizations (Human Capital Management). I encourage NOAA Corps officers to take advantage of this new NOAA-wide program and officers selected for the program are requested to let me know of your participation. CPC will be eager for feedback from participants to see if we can further leverage this program for a future NOAA Corps specific program. Applications are open until September 28th but this first NOAA Mentoring class will be limited in size so please apply early if interested.

CAPT Devin Brakob, NOAA
Director, Commissioned Personnel Center

On the Horizon

11 Oct 2018 BOTC 132 Billet Night
03 Oct 2018 CO/XO Command Advisory Board
TBD Oct 2018 Officer Assignment Board
15 Oct - 02 Nov 2018 REFTRA 85
20 Nov 2018 BOTC 132 Graduation

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CAPT Robert Kamphaus 01 OCT 2018
LT Daniel Langis 01 OCT 2018
LCDR David Cowan 26 OCT 2018
LCDR Brian Prestcott 01 Nov 2018
LT Kyle Salling 11 Nov 2018
LT Adam Ruckman 15 Nov 2018
LT Steven Loy 15 Nov 2018
LT Carmen DeFazio 16 Nov 2018
LT Tanner Sims 19 Nov 2018
LTJG Sarah Chappel 30 Nov 2018
CAPT Scott Sirois 01 Dec 2018
LT Felicia Drummond 21 Dec 2018

History: The Anniversary of the Beginning of Ship Operations

The initial work of the Coast Survey involved the establishment of a local geodetic network followed by topographic work to delineate the shoreline. Although Ferdinand Hassler had begun geodetic work centered on New York City in 1816, he was removed in 1818 for lack of progress and because Congress passed a law forbidding civilians from working on the Coast Survey. A few surveys were conducted by Navy personnel between 1816 and the late 1820s, but in 1828 the Secretary of the Navy declared their charts "useless and pernicious." Hassler was reinstated in 1832 as head of the Coast Survey and began work on the south side of Long Island.

With all in readiness by 1834, Lieutenant Thomas R. Gedney, in command of the recently purchased schooner JERSEY, reported to Superintendent Hassler at Fire Island Beach on September 1, 1834, for hydrographic survey duty. This was the beginning of ship operations of the Coast Survey.

From that modest beginning the Coast Survey and its descendants have operated over 200 ships. These vessels surveyed our harbors and shores, sailed in all oceans, aimed to understanding the ocean and its interactions with the atmosphere, worked towards developing sustainable fisheries, and helped understand and protect fragile ecosystems. This is a proud record of accomplishments that we in NOAA Corps continue today.

Promotion News

Congratulations to Lieutenant (junior grade) Alyssa Thompson who promoted today, September 7, 2018! As vacancies become available, promotion packages are prepared and forwarded to the Secretary of Commerce, who signs the commissions.

According to the 2018 OCMP, there will be a fall selection board for the rank of O2. The following officers are in the zone and should ensure accuracy and update their OPFs with the expectation of board review in October.

  • ENS Michael Fuller
  • ENS Michael Card
  • ENS Anna Hallingstad
  • ENS Jacquelyn Putnam
  • ENS Sony Vang
  • ENS Justin Miyano
  • ENS Gabriel Johnson
  • ENS Linda Junge
  • ENS Hillary Fort
  • ENS Jeffrey Calderon

Official Lodging while on TDY or for PCS (TLE)

As a reminder Airbnb's cannot be used for official lodging whether you are on TDY or when you are using TLE during a PCS move.

According to the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), if you want to be reimbursed for your official lodging, you must book a room that meets certain criteria. Vacation rentals do not meet many of those criteria, namely:

  • Whenever possible, the lodging provider must be compliant with U.S. Fire Administration guidelines for safety.

Most people who list their homes/rooms/couches on a vacation rental site haven't had their properties inspected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

  • Lodging receipts must be itemized with daily room costs, taxes, and miscellaneous fees. While some vacation rental websites may offer this type of receipt, many do not (e.g., they combine taxes and fees into a single line item or they only show the total tax not a daily breakdown).

Furthermore, depending on the TDY location and your uniformed/civilian status, you may be required to stay in Government lodging, Privatized lodging, or DoD Preferred lodging.

So unless you'd like to pay for your own lodging costs, be sure to follow the JTR and eschew using a vacation rental website for your next TDY or PCS move.

From the Assignments Desk: Billet #2471 - Junior Officer in Charge (JOIC), R/V Gloria Michelle

Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) is looking for a highly motivated officer to serve aboard the 72' R/V Gloria Michelle at Woods Hole, MA. The JOIC serves under the Officer in Charge (OIC) and will work toward succession as the OIC upon successful completion of the JOIC assignment.

R/V Gloria Michelle is a bottom trawl vessel that has been conducting the Gulf of Maine Shrimp Survey and the Massachusetts State Bottom Trawl Survey for over 30 consecutive years and is vital to the northeast fisheries stock assessment. The OIC and JOIC are charged with safe operation and compliance with NOAA Small Boat Program regulations. R/V Gloria Michelle is homeported in Woods Hole, MA, and typically makes port calls in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. The JOIC, working with the OIC, will be responsible for vessel budget, logistics, maintenance, and contract procurement for winter repairs and other large projects.

The JOIC will gain experience navigating the vessel and running the fishing equipment. General marine engineering knowledge is recommended as the officer will be working with the OIC, sometimes with little to no supervision, to maintain the major engineering systems aboard (main engine, generators, electrical system, plumbing, etc.). This unique, highly operational billet also offers invaluable experience managing crew and deck operations.

This assignment is expected to be vacant in December 2019. Officers interested in this assignment should update their billet preferences, contact the Assignment Coordinator and/or the Officer in Charge, LTJG Christopher Gallagher, at, to seek additional details about the assignment.