Message from the Director

Fellow NOAA Corps officers,

This past Monday I had the honor of swearing in BOTC 135 in New London, CT. The opportunity to deliver the oath of office to the future of the NOAA Corps is one of the best privileges of the CPC Director job. It was educating and inspiring to get acquainted with the newest members of our Service and discover how they learned about and what motivated them to join the NOAA Corps. The NOAA Corps recruiting force (at CPC and in the field), CPC staff, and selection board members all contribute a tremendous amount of work to find quality officers and execute their accession to service. The ability to bring onboard the best and brightest is only accomplished through this organizational commitment. Thank you all.

Congratulations to the following men and women on their commission:

Alice B. BeittelSan Leandro, CA
Matthew J. ChonkaSan Marcos, TX
Tyler J. HouckBerlin, NJ
Abby W. LettsPasadena, CA
Alexander LinaresCabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Luke E. McConvilleGlen Mills, PA
Mark J. MeadowsVirginia Beach, VA
Luke T.C. PetzyMethuen, MA
Jesse A. PierceBroadway, VA
Christine R. SealingAnnapolis, MD
Jessica S. SpruillDouglasville, GA
Karl D. WagnerMiddleport, NY
Kelly M. WootenLeavenworth, KS
Anthony J. ZollerNapa, CA
BOTC 135 Class Photo

Directors signature
CAPT Devin Brakob, NOAA
Director, Commissioned Personnel Center

On the Horizon

14 Jan 2020 Operations Officer Recommendation Working Group

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LT Jacob Blaauboer 15 Jan 2020
LT Alisha Friel 20 Jan 2020
LCDR Russell Haner 01 Feb 2020
CAPT Keith Roberts 01 Mar 2020
CDR Jonathan Neuhaus 01 Mar 2020
LCDR Jonathan Taylor 01 Mar 2020
LT Matthew Bissell 15 Mar 2020
CDR Ryan Kidder 01 Apr 2020
CDR Justin Kibbey 01 Jul 2020

Help recruit the next generation… New NOAA Corps Instagram!

How many times have you heard "What is the NOAA Corps?" or "I wish I had known about that service" Well, now is your chance to help spread the word about the NOAA Corps! OMAO's communications team has just launched a new @NOAACorps Instagram account. The intent is to highlight the exceptional work of NOAA Corps officers out in the field and at BOTC, and to leverage social media to bolster recruiting and public awareness. To accomplish these goals, we need your help! We request engaging, creative, high-resolution photos to feed this account, including images of NOAA Corps officers diving, small-boat driving, conning, flying, charting, etc. Photos need to show officers in official uniform (no relaxed ODUs) and wearing proper safety gear when required. (This guidance also applies when media are present and when photos are taken for official use.) Of course, we also want images that reflect the professionalism of the service. Unaltered and unenhanced photos are preferred, but limited cropping and exposure adjustments are acceptable. The best photos may also be used for other OMAO and NOAA communications products, including websites, social media, special NOAA anniversary products, outreach materials, and even "Postcards from the Field." Please send your photos--along with a photo credit and caption that includes who, what, when, and where (very important)--to Communications Specialist Brandon Baylor ( or NOAA Corps Recruiting ( Alternatively, you can upload them to this Google Drive folder if you are logged into Gmail. Please help spread the word about the importance of the NOAA Corps and the incredible work you do every day!

November Dive Pay Delay

Due to Direct Access being shut down from December 19, 2019, until January 1, 2020, November Dive Pay could not be processed on time. NOAA Corps officers entitled to Dive Pay will receive both November and December Dive Pay in their end of month January pay.

Medical Record Update

The NOAA Corps Medical Affairs Branch has been working hard to improve communication and transparency with our NOAA Corps officers. We thank you for your patience as we implement new processes of reviewing medical records and transition to online document management.

We are seeing an increased volume in voluntary medical record submission, outside of the mandatory readiness requirements. Thank you for your transparency, and integrity. Your health is important, and we are privileged to share in the process of advocating for you.

Please help Medical Affairs address this overwhelming response to request for records by doing the following:

Submit the following by way of OPF Online:

Please select this method when uploading readiness requirements (such as 5 year physicals, dental, etc.) not medical case records (surgical and progress notes etc.).

Submit the following by way of Kiteworks (Accellion):

Please use this secure file sharing system to upload all other medical records outside of readiness requirements. These records are for specific health events, illness, or a change in medical disposition, that we have requested, or that you would like us to review for shared decision-making.


Please do not re-send any documentation as this creates case duplication. Thank you for your continued patience as we review and update readiness requirements currently submitted to your OPF Online.

If you have further questions or concerns about this information, please contact us at

O-1/O-2 End of Rating Cycle

The rating cycle for ensigns and lieutenant (junior grade) officers with less than three years of commissioned service ends on January 31, 2020. All officers who have not (or will not) receive an evaluation for a different reason within 90 days must complete an evaluation. In accordance with the officer evaluation system directives, please submit a NOAA Form 56-6E Officer Evaluation Form (ENS) with all supporting documentation for the completion of your OER to your rating chain no later than 21 days before the end of rating period. OERs are important not just for promotion records, but as a method for the officer to receive valuable feedback for performance purposes.