Message from the Director

Good afternoon, fellow NOAA Corps officers,

I hope this Cyberflash finds you well and that you get some time to read through all the articles; there are some important updates and announcements, for sure. Last week I had a chance to peek behind the curtain of the massive upgrade that is occurring for CPC's Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and anxiously await the official roll-out. It won't be happening tomorrow, however I know that the CPC team is always listening to the ideas and concerns of the NOAA Corps; this upgrade will come with significant quality of life improvements for both officers and administrators. I hope to share more details of the improvements as the individual modules take shape and thank everyone for their patience.

Additionally, I am pleased to share with everyone the newly updated Part 2 of NCD Chapter 12: Officer Bearing and Grooming Standards, that RADM Hann has temporarily authorized. These welcome changes are with the Office of General Council and the Office of Human Capital Services for official approval and are part of a more comprehensive update to Chapter 12 of the NOAA Corps Directives which should be published this Spring. You'll note that the PDF document of proposed changes reads like the updated regulations and I want to thank the Uniform and Awards Board for all their hard work!

Stay healthy,

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CAPT Douglas MacIntyre, NOAA
Director, Commissioned Personnel Center

On the Horizon

02 Mar 2022 Command Advisory Board
06 Apr 2022 Officer Assignment Board

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LT Lauren Jarlenski 12 Feb 2022
CDR Bradley Fritzler 01 Mar 2022
CDR Ronald Moyers 01 Mar 2022
LCDR Justin Keesee 01 Mar 2022
ENS Allegra Menniti 15 Mar 2022
ENS Christine Sealing 01 May 2022
LT Kelsey Jeffers 01 May 2022
LCDR Lindsey Norman 18 May 2022

BOTC 139 Underway

ENS Brostowski and ENS Logan during training in the barracks.

BOTC 139 got underway on January 18th and has begun their journey towards a May 13th graduation. Composed of 13 new officers, the newest BOTC class, recently completed the Indoctrination phase of the joint NOAA/USCG program in New London, CT. With 104 total members of BOTC 139/OCS 2-22, the class is moving on to the Junior Phase of the program to include academic work in Basic Seamanship, Basic Safety, and their first firefighting field exercise. Major dates for this class include a training cruise aboard the USCGC EAGLE March 12-26 with a port call in Charleston, SC, Billet Night on March 31, and a training cruise aboard the Henry Bigelow May 24-27.

Team Building chain

OCS transit to the wardroom
LT Brittany Sagardia

SAME Service Liaison Officer (SLO)

OMAO is searching for officers interested in fulfilling the role of NOAA service liaison officer (SLO) to the Society of Military Engineers (SAME). Each of the services has one SLO who attends one meeting a month and discusses how their service can interact with the SAME. The NOAA SLO also provides regular updates about SAME conferences and initiatives to the SAME Executive Advisory Group NOAA representative. NOAA historically maintained a close relationship with the SAME collaborating on projects and participating in their annual award ceremony with the NOAA SAME Karo and Colbert awards. NOAA is focused on strengthening our relationship with SAME as their focus shifts to NOAA-focused topics like the effect of climate change on infrastructure and increased weather events. Please reach out to LT Caroline Wilkinson ( or CDR Hector Casanova ( if you are interested in hearing more about these opportunities.

TRICARE Costs and Fees: 2022

This brochure provides an overview of most costs and fees for TRICARE programs. For detailed costs and fees, including those for TRICARE For Life, visit To learn more about each TRICARE program option and eligibility, visit

Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)

The SBP program is administered pursuant to Subchapter II, Chapter 73 of Title 10, U.S.C. SBP pays a monthly benefit to designated survivors of an eligible Service member or retiree. SBP allows Service members and retirees to ensure their designated beneficiaries continue to receive a partially, and in some cases fully, government-subsidized annuity in place of their retired pay after their own death.

For members who retire from the uniformed services, participation is voluntary. However, Section 1448 of Title 10, U.S.C. requires an otherwise eligible retiree to be a participant unless he or she elects not to participate before the first day for which he or she is eligible for retired pay. Participating members and retirees are considered to have maximum coverage, meaning coverage based on the full base amount, unless they otherwise elect reduced coverage. The full base amount, which is the maximum amount of coverage allowed under law, is usually the amount of retired pay for which the member is eligible.

Below are a few websites that can provide additional information:

End of Semiannual OER Reporting Period

Now that the January 31st semiannual OER reporting period has come to a close, please aim to submit completed ENS/LTJG (only officers with less than 3 years of service) OERs to by March 1st, which is 30 days after the end of the period.

Security Clearance Updates

Good news! NOAA recently moved to a continuous evaluation program, which automatically renews active security clearances. NC officers are no longer required to initiate a renewal, as the evaluation program revalidates existing security clearances. Security clearance processing remains for those officers seeking an upgrade in clearance levels, or for new NC officers (BOTC/inter-service transfers).

For those officers awaiting their initial security clearance: please work with Mr. Warren Weatherford ( to verify your security clearance status. Upon approval to commence the application, contact LT Moulton ( to initiate your application. Please be patient with this process, as many new officers require a clearance, but it is a lengthy process with limitations in processing.

From the Assignments Desk: Billet #7674, Maui Facility and Vessel Coordinator, HIHWNMS

ONMS is looking for a motivated officer to take on the responsibilities of Vessel Operations Coordinator (VOC) and Facility Assistant at the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Sanctuary (HIHW) located on the island of Maui in KÄ«hei.

The officer filling the role of VOC will be expected to take leadership in problem solving, research guidance, decisiveness, execution, team building, operational planning, listening and speaking in front of many different types of audiences. They will be an active member of the HIHW disentanglement response team, which is the frontline group responsible for helping to disentangle humpback whales. Coxswain/small boat experience is required. This is an excellent opportunity to further develop small boat operational skills.

In the role of Facility Assistant, the officer will be expected to assist with vessel budget development, direct facility personnel, facilitate maintenance and services, provide contract assistance, and manage facility and vessel assets.

The officer will gain experience in risk management, project coordination, as well as managing people, safety activities, and interagency coordination. Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) opportunities are also available.

This assignment is currently vacant. Officers interested in this assignment should update preferences, and contact the previous officer LCDR Bill Carrier at or LCDR Kelli Bliss at and the Assignment Coordinator at to learn more.

Learn more about the HIHW sanctuary and its mission at