Message from the Director

Good afternoon, fellow NOAA Corps officers,

I had the distinct honor of flying under the instruction of the late astronaut, COL Rick Searfoss, USAF(ret), while attending Upset Recovery training a few years ago in the Mojave desert. Rick was the Space Shuttle Commander for STS-90 aboard Columbia in 1998 so I knew I was in the presence of someone special during the week of flight training. I recall his emphasis on being deliberate and purposeful with all actions; both in the cockpit and out, and I want to share a passage from the preface of his book, Liftoff: An Astronaut Commander's Countdown for Purpose-Powered Leadership, as it has always resonated well with me:

Do you feel a compelling need to lead? No matter who you are, you should. The world cries out for you to lead, and lead with purpose. Specifically, your company, team, community, volunteer organization, friends, family, and any team of which you are part all truly need you to exercise meaningful influence. At its core, leadership is simply influencing others for good. More than ever in this chaotic and confusing world, those who courageously offer sincere, service-oriented, and effective leadership succeed in guiding others to produce results that matter. Whether you are a senior executive, a supervisor at the operational level, the newest hire, or even "just" a neighborhood volunteer, you unquestionably can and should exercise leadership initiative. (Searfoss xxx)

Thank you for taking care of yourselves and each other and for taking the time to "lead with purpose."

Stay healthy,

Directors signature
CAPT Douglas MacIntyre, NOAA
Director, Commissioned Personnel Center

On the Horizon

02 Mar 2022 Command Advisory Board
06 Apr 2022 Officer Assignment Board

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CDR Bradley Fritzler 01 Mar 2022
CDR Ronald Moyers 01 Mar 2022
LCDR Justin Keesee 01 Mar 2022
ENS Allegra Menniti 15 Mar 2022
LT Kelsey Jeffers 01 May 2022
LT Anna-Elizabeth Villard-Howe 01 May 2022
ENS Christine Sealing 01 May 2022
LCDR Lindsey Norman 18 May 2022
LTJG Anna Hallingstad 01 Jun 2022

BOTC 141 Application is Now Live

The NOAA Corps is currently accepting applications for BOTC 141. Increasing diversity across the ranks, starts with all of us. The Reauthorization Act has allowed us to start growing BOTC class sizes and we welcome all applications. The Recruiting Branch needs your help! We are challenging all officers to explore their professional and personal networks and supply recruiting with one name of an individual who would make a great NOAA Corps Officer. We need everyone to help build the future of the NOAA Corps. Please send any names or leads to

Changes to NOAA Corps Vaccine Verification

As of February 09, 2022 all NOAA Corps Officers were required to receive a booster against the virus that causes COVID-19, in order to be considered in compliance with immunization specifications.

In an attempt to reduce the task burden on the officer, NOAA Corps officers now need only submit their proof of vaccination to one online location via the NOAA Vaccine Reporting System. Medical Affairs will be granted access to the NOAA Vaccine Reporting System in order to verify vaccination status. This means that officers no longer need to also submit to their eOPF unless they would like a physical copy maintained in their medical record. Through the NOAA Vaccine Reporting System Medical Affairs will have access to view a physical copy of an officer's vaccine card, and will continue to update compliance via our Human Resources Management System. Please note, however, we will not be downloading copies of vaccine cards into officers' eOPF.

If an officer does want a physical copy of their vaccine card to 'live' in their medical record, then they should continue to upload to your eOPF.

If an officer has already uploaded an image of their vaccine card to their eOPF, they are still required to upload it to the NOAA Vaccine Reporting System.

All NOAA Corps officers are required to upload and report their vaccine status through the NOAA Vaccine Reporting System, and are no longer required to submit proof of vaccine via their eOPF. If the officer would like to have a copy of their vaccine card maintained in their permanent medical record, they must submit it themselves, however they are no longer required to do so.

If you have questions please reach out to

OMAO Training Division all-hands webinar - Tuesday, March 01, 2022

The OMAO Training Division will be conducting an all-hands webinar on Tuesday, March 01, 2022, at 1300 EDT, to discuss the new training policies, the yearly competitive training process, the OMAO mentorship program, and other current and planned OMAO HQ training initiatives. In advance, the Training Division is soliciting questions to be addressed during the webinar. Please send all questions to by COB Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

Google Meet information for the webinar:
Call-in: 929-251-5857    PIN: 422 780 157#

From the Assignments Desk: Billet #0046 - Program Analyst, OMAO Strategic Management Division

OMAO’s Strategic Management Division (SMD) is looking for a motivated, results-driven officer to join our team in Silver Spring, MD. SMD is a new Division within OMAO headquarters, charged with managing implementation of OMAO’s FY21-25 Strategic Plan, providing enterprise project management to high-profile initiatives, defining and monitoring performance metrics, and establishing a centralized and organization-wide Policy Program.

This position provides an excellent opportunity to apply experience across operations and assignments and effect real organizational change. You will be encouraged to analyze challenges and opportunities you've encountered, develop recommendations and business cases, and lead improvement projects and processes. The position offers the chance to interact with various levels of OMAO leadership while developing and applying project management expertise. Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Providing project management for one or more high-profile milestones in OMAO’s Strategic Plan
  • Assisting in tracking progress and performance of Strategic Plan goals, objectives, and milestones
  • Gathering and analyzing performance metrics across operations, budget, and Strategic Plan milestones
  • Drafting and/or updating policy, SOPs, and handbooks
  • Analyzing and improving business processes, tools, and communications
  • Participating in NOAA-level working groups
  • Managing SMD’s intranet presence

Officers interested in the billet should contact Lindsey Averill at and the Assignment Coordinator at to learn more.

From the Assignments Desk: Billet #9320 - OCFO Strategy and Executive Support Division Chief

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) is looking for a motivated officer to take on the responsibilities of the Senior Advisor in the Strategic Management Office at OCFO in Silver Spring, Maryland. This is an O-5 billet.

The officer will report to the OCFO Chief of Staff, and work directly with the NOAA CFO, NOAA Budget Director, NOAA Finance Director, NOAA Performance Risk and Social Science Director, and the NOAA Program Integration Office Director to coordinate messaging and logistics across OCFO. In collaboration with OCFO leadership, the officer will be responsible for overseeing the Executive Support and Resource Management Division, supervising six federal staff.

This is a high profile and multifaceted billet that will provide opportunities for developing and honing project management, leadership, and communications skills. The officer will gain programmatic knowledge of budget formulation, financial decisions, and high level NOAA strategic planning. They will work directly with OCFO's senior executive management to provide strategic, financial, and operational leadership to NOAA through committed teamwork and customer service. The incumbent will gain a unique high level NOAA perspective and develop valuable skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, human capital management, developing others, external awareness, and strategic thinking.

The assignment is expected to be vacant on/about June 2023. Interested officers should update preferences and contact the incumbent LCDR Megan Raymond at, the Staff Office liaison officer, and/or the Assignment Coordinator at to learn more.