Director's Message:

OMAO has taken on the initiative to attain clearance from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Safety Administration to allow active duty NOAA Corps officers access to the TSA Pre Check system for airline travel. How will it work? When purchasing an airline ticket, officers will be able to provide the airline their DoD ID Number (also called the Known Traveler Number) on the back of your CAC. This number is then verified by TSA, and if approved the TSA Pre check symbol will appear on your boarding pass. For now, OMAO is still awaiting word from DHS as to when this program will become available. NOAA is moving towards a similar solution for all civilian employees. A Message from the Director, CPC will be sent as soon as we have any further updates.

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

19 October - 08 November 2014 REFTRA
01-05 December 2014 Mid-Grade Leadership Week 1
02-06 February 2015 Mid-Grade Leadership Week 2

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CAPT William B. Kearse 01 October 2014
CAPT Todd C. Stiles 01 November 2014
LCDR Brent J. Pounds 01 November 2014
LT Christopher W. Daniels 30 November 2014
LTJG Leslie Z. Flowers 19 December 2014

NOAA Corps/U.S. Coast Guard Strengthen Bonds Underway

BOTC 124 and OCS Class 1-15 were aboard the USCG Barque EAGLE from August 29 September 7 sailing from Gloucester, MA to Yorktown, VA and assisted with public tours in both cities. The BOTC 124 spent time standing a bridge watch, conducting rounds with an engineer, standing a watch on deck with the boatswain mates, assisting in the galley/scullery, and attending classroom sessions (e.g., celestial navigation, collision avoidance, damage control, and career progression). The had opportunities to prepare and give navigation and weather briefs to the entire crew which included the CO, XO, and OPS. For many in BOTC 124, sailing aboard EAGLE was the first time they had a chance to see what life underway is like and get a glimpse of what their future holds. OCS Class 1-15 was sad to see their BOTC 124 shipmates depart in Yorktown, VA, to attend RADAR Observer training at MSI in Newport, RI. OCS Class 1-15 remained aboard to sail to Baltimore, MD, and assist with public tours as Baltimore celebrated 'Star Spangled Spectacular', an event to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key's famous poem depicting the War of 1812, our national anthem. The EAGLE held a reception onboard Friday evening with many VIPs in attendance, including Under Secretary of Commerce, Dr. Sullivan and the Commandant of the USCG, Admiral Zukunft. They were presented with a framed picture of EAGLE under full sail from the CO. BOTC 124 is entering week 7 of 18 and have many important classes coming up, such as Rules of the Road and Survival Systems: Sea Survival Techniques and U/W Egress Training.

Uniform of the Day Reminder - Fall-Winter Period Coming Soon.

As a reminder, effective the first Monday in October, the Uniform of the Day for the Fall-Winter period for all locations is Service Dress Blue. NOAA Service Khaki is an authorized alternate uniform for all officers, including those working at the Herbert C. Hoover Building, or conducting official business in non-NOAA facilities in the DC area. The Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) is an authorized alternate for all officers except those working at the Herbert C. Hoover building, or visiting Capitol Hill on official business. The prescribed uniform for officers conducting official business on Capitol Hill is Service Dress Blue without substitutions and regardless of command. This condition applies to all other uniformed service members assigned to NOAA.

When meeting with the public, officials from other government agencies, or constituents, all officers should ensure that the uniform worn is appropriate to the circumstances. All NOAA Corps officers shall wear the uniform properly and adhere to appearance standards in the NOAA Corps Directives, Chapter 12. Senior officers present in locations outside of the DC area are authorized to designate an alternate uniform as the Uniform of the Day for special occasions, events or visitors.

Access to DoD Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Activities and Facilities

It was brought to CPC's attention that active duty and retired NOAA Corps and USPHS officers and their dependents have had difficulty getting service, or being unable to take advantage of MWR's activities and facilities. One source of confusion has been local MWRs' ommitting both NOAA and USPHS from their publication listings of "Those eligible to use MWR Facilities". If you run into this situation please let CPC know (LCDR and we will address the issue from here. However, for immediate reference please direct the Local MWR management to DoD Instruction Number 1015.10, Change 1, 05/06/2011) page 21. We would like to thank Col. James T. Currie, USA (ret.), Executive Director of the Commissioned Officers Association of the USPHS, for addressing this issue at Fort Belvoir,VA.

IT Security Awareness Traing Deadline - 23 September 2014

The FY 2014 NOAA Information Technology Security Awareness Course is available at In order to continue to use NOAA computing resources, users are required to complete the course by September 23, 2014. Questions about the course should be directed to your Line Office IT Security Officer or POC as listed on the course access logon page, or emailed to it is a mandatory requirement for every NOAA IT user (government, contractor, associate, or temporary personnel) to complete the NOAA Information Technology Security Awareness Course every year. NOAA's information technology security awareness program remains successful due to your continued diligence and efforts to secure NOAA's information resources. All users are required to complete the FY 2014 course by the stated deadline, no matter how recently the FY 2013 NOAA Information Technology Security Awareness Course was completed.