Director's Message:

Reminder on requirement to submit medical documentation to CPC

As a reminder, per NOAA Corps Directives Chapter 3 section 03101, NOAA Corps officers are responsible for providing complete information regarding matters of their health to the CPC including notifying and providing documentation of any new health condition as soon as the officer becomes aware of or is advised of the condition. All medical records must be submitted to the Medical Administration Branch as soon as they are available after each scheduled visit.

Personal Health information (PHI) should not be submitted to the Medical Administration Branch via e-mail unless your attachments are encrypted. PHI must be submitted via the Medical OPF online or by using Accellion Secure File Transfer. To activate or re-activate your Accellion account please go to

CAPT Lawrence T. Krepp, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

28 January 2016 Command Advisory Working Group
08 February 2016 Officer Assignment Board
29 February 2016 Access to EOYP end
6-26 March 2016 REFTRA-80

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

ENS Katrina Poremba 31 January 2016
CAPT Debora Barr 01 February 2016
LT Kevin Michael 04 February 2016
LT Joshua Witmer 01 March 2016
CDR Stephen Meador 01 April 2016
CAPT Mark Moran 01 April 2016

In the Zone

Officers in the zone for promotion boards this April:

You must complete your training and have the confirmation memo from the Chief, Officer Career Management Division in your OPF Online. The process is outlined in the Cyberflash from Dec 4, 2015.

To make it easier for you to track what you've completed in the new CLC, we have manually marked the courses you completed in the old CLC as "exempt". Please check your transcript, and make sure it is accurate. If there are any problems with your CLC Transcript, contact Scott Tessmer at

This was only done for officers in the zone and required several hours of extra labor. Many thanks to Scott Tessmer for putting in that time and effort. If you are not in the zone this spring, please continue to be patient. The latest estimate from DOC is that the migration to the new CLC will be complete near the end of March. After that, we should see up-to-date CLC records for everyone in the Corps. If that deadline moves again, we will keep you informed via Cyberflash.

If you have general training questions about your OPF, please contact LCDR Fionna Matheson via

From the Assignments Desk

Are you looking for a rewarding, highly-visible, fast-paced land assignment shaping the future of the NOAA Corps? If so, consider the Executive Officer and/or Operations Officer assignments at NOAA Corps Officer Training Center (NCOTC) located at USCG Academy in New London, CT.

CPC Billet #0507 Executive Officer, NOAA Corps Officer Training Center; New London, CT is an O-3 billet with CPC at the U. S. Coast Guard Academy. This billet puts you at the forefront of the NOAA Corps officer training and development program. You will be responsible for instilling the NOAA Corps core values of HONOR, RESPECT and COMMITMENT into the new accessions of the NOAA Corps as a platoon officer. You will direct, coach and mentor both NOAA Corps and Coast Guard officer candidates. You will be working alongside Coast Guard Officer Candidate School staff officers in an integrated training environment. The opportunity to train new BOTC and CG OCS students in the barracks, classroom and during underway periods will also be charged to you. You will work closely with the Commanding Officer, NCOTC with regards to budgeting, purchasing, curriculum development and alternative training opportunities.

This is a challenging and highly visible billet and you will be acting as ambassador for the NOAA Corps at the Coast Guard's service academy.

CPC Billet #0509 Operations Officer, NOAA Corps Officer Training Center; New London, CT is an O-2 billet with CPC at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. This billet also puts you at the forefront of the NOAA Corps officer training and development. The opportunity to train and develop new NOAA Corps and Coast Guard officers into smartly disciplined, mentally ready, and basically trained officers will occur daily in the barracks, classroom and/or underway. As the Operations Officer, NCOTC you will have many responsibilities that are integral to the smooth operations at NCOTC. You will be the master scheduler, planning officer, assistant platoon officer, and instructor. Like the Commanding Officer/Executive Officer, NCOTC you will set the example and be an ambassador for the NOAA Corps at the Coast Guard's service academy.

Both of these billets are tremendous opportunities for a high-performing NOAA Corps junior officer. If you are interested in learning more about these billets and want to observe the training environment during an integrated USCG-NOAA indoctrination week (Aug. 08-12, 2016), please contact the Commanding Officer, NCOTC, CAPT John Caskey at 860-701-6630 or