Director's Message:


I've accumulated a ship-load of topics to share with you over the past two weeks, but for this installment of the Cyberflash I'm keeping my intro blurb intentionally short because:

  • I'm currently on annual leave,
  • Putting any more of my time or effort in to this installment of the Cyberflash perpetuates an organizational culture where the true value and intent of annual leave is eroded,
  • With my crew at CPC, this ship can easily sail without me,
  • I believe strongly in "modeling the way."

That said, my NOAA Corps shipmates who will have less than 12 years of service on December 31, 2017 will want to watch a video on the new Blended Retirement System here.

Fair winds and following seas,

Semper serviens,

CAPT Jeremy Adams, NOAA
Director, CPC

On the Horizon

01 April 2016 Due date for ACO Award Submission
15 April 2016 OPF Submission Deadline for Officer Perssonel Board(OPB)
10-13 May 2016 OPB - Promotion Selection

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

CDR Stephen Meador 01 April 2016
CAPT Mark Moran 01 April 2016
CAPT Lawrence Krepp 01 May 2016
CAPT Harris Halverson 01 May 2016
LT Mark Frydrych 01 May 2016
LTJG Theresa Smith 13 May 2016
LT Laura Gallant 01 June 2016

NOAA Corps Centennial Celebration

Colonel E. Lester Jones
Colonel E. Lester Jones, Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and "father of the Commissioned Corps" Photo credit: NOAA
As many of you already know, May 22, 2017, marks the 100 year anniversary of the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps! This is an excellent opportunity for all NOAA staff, officers and civilians alike, to celebrate our great history and to look forward to the next 100 years as current and future leaders of this organization. A steering committee has been charged with showcasing NOAA Corps' service to the Nation by identifying components of the Centennial from planning various events across the country during 2017 to how we advertise for this event.

To commemorate this important milestone, we are reaching out to all of you to voice your ideas/suggestions on how you would like to see this celebration unfold. If you have any centennial celebration ideas to share or have an interest in event planning, please contact LT Jeffrey Pereira at

Reminders for Officers in 2016 Promotion Zones

  • OPF additions cutoff for those in zone is COB Friday, April 15, 2016
  • You must complete your training and have the confirmation memo from the Chief, Officer Career Management Division in your OPF Online
    • The process is outlined in the Cyberflash from Dec 4, 2015
  • Any medical OPF questions should be directed to
  • Any officer selected for promotion who is not physically qualified will not be included in the approval package routing to the President. Furthermore, if your physical qualification lapses during the routing of the promotion packages, you will be pulled off the list and your promotion will be delayed.
    • Refer to email Director's Message from March 1, 2016

For questions pertaining to your OPF, please contact:

For questions pertaining to your OER, please contact:

NOAA Corps Uniform and Awards Board

The NOAA Corps Uniform and Awards Board meets the 1st Friday of every month. The next UAB meets April 8 2016, It is requested that the nominations be submitted to CPC no later than the last day of the previous month of the UAB. At this time, we cannot accept digital signatures but a scanned and emailed copy of the original nomination with appropriate signatures will be accepted. Please submit NOAA CORPS award nominations via email with this subject line: Month and Year of Board_Award Type_Lastname and first initial of nominee.
For example, "APRIL 2016_NCAM_SMITH, Z" to

DOC Organizational Awards for Officer in 2016 Promotion Zones

CPC will be prioritizing the DOC organizational awards for those officers within the 2016 promotion zones. Therefore, all officers in zone will receive their award(s) prior to the convening of the Boards, and this addition will be reflected in their OPF.
Please contact LT Lindsay Morrison with any questions, at

Security Clearance Issues

CPC has received numerous reports of officers having issues getting their updated Security Clearance documentation into their OPF. LT Lindsay Morrison is working with the Office of Security to fix the issue. If you are within the promotion zone and are having this problem, please contact LT Lindsay Morrison at to be added to the list. CPC is working to ensure all officers on this list will have an updated Security Clearance form in their OPF prior to Promotion Boards in May.

Communication and Conflict Mitigation Workshop (CCM WS)

If you attended a Communications and Conflict Mitigation Workshop in the past, it is now part of your CLC transcript. Jenna Dalton, CLO's staff, has forwarded a list of all completions along with certificates for completion to OCMD, LCDR Matheson. LCDR Matheson will upload these records; there is no need to print and forward your certificate.

Please check your CLC transcript to ensure you are being given credit if you attended and to print out your personal completion certificate if desired. If the workshop is not in your transcript and you have taken the course, please email with your class dates and location.
-- Scott Tessmer, Chief Learning Officer