Message from the Director

Fellow NOAA Corps officers,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the following officers have been recommended for promotion to the next higher grade:


  • Marc S. Moser
  • Benjamin K. Evans
  • Nicholas J. Chrobak
  • Chad M. Cary
  • Jeffrey C. Taylor
  • Keith A. Golden
  • Michael G. Levine
  • Jeffrey D. Shoup


  • Mark A. Blankenship
  • Michael O. Gonsalves
  • Guinevere R. Lewis
  • James L. Brinkley
  • Fionna J. Matheson
  • David M. Gothan
  • Meghan E. McGovern
  • Joshua J. Slater
  • Ryan C. Wattam
  • Chad M. Meckley


  • Brian H. Richards
  • Charles J. Wisotzkey
  • Adam C. Pfundt
  • Richard J. Park
  • Kelli-Ann E. Bliss
  • Larry V. Thomas, Jr.
  • Jesse P. Milton
  • Damian C. Manda
  • Brian E. Elliot
  • Lindsey L. Norman
  • Justin E. Ellis
  • Bart O. Buesseler
  • Scott E. Broo
  • Michael E. Doig
  • Kevin G. Doremus


  • Lee T. Shoemaker
  • Diane M. Perry
  • Alisha M. Friel


  • Blair J. Delean
  • Bryan W. Pestone
  • Nikita B. Manougian
  • Kristin M. Sojka
  • Peter R. Gleichauf
  • Danial G. Palance
  • John M. Katchenago
  • Melissa M. Trede
  • Patrick J. Debroisse
  • Philip J. Manougian
  • Matthew W. Bissell
  • Kyle C. Cosentino
  • Benjamin C. Kaiser
  • Christopher S. Gallagher
  • Brian C. Yannutz
  • Marybeth Headv
  • Terril P. Efird
  • Lydia A. Ames
  • Jeffrey J. Douglas
  • Keith D. Hanson
  • Shelley T. Devereaux
  • Matthew B. Sharr
  • Dylan A. Kosten
  • Max P. Andersen
  • Bryan R. Brasher

    • Brian S. Caldwell
    • Alexander W. Creed
    • Jackson Vanfleet-Brown
    • Kevin A. Tennyson
    • Eric C. Fritzsche
    • Lyle I. Robbins
    • Nicolas S. DeProspero
    • Hayley A. Betker
    • Patrick E. Pope
    • Nicholas J. Azzopardi
    • Daniel E. Jessurun
    • Airlie G. Pickett
    • Andrew J. Fullerton
    • James C. Freed
    • Alexandria E. Andonian
    • Taylor A. Krabiel


    CAPT Devin Brakob, NOAA
    Director, Commissioned Personnel Center

    On the Horizon

    22 Jul 2019 BOTC 134 commences
    30 Jul 2019 Aviation Advisory Board: Initial Flight Training
    07 Aug 2019 Officer Assignment Board

    Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

    LTJG Daniel Devereaux 31 Jul 2019
    CAPT Mark Wetzler 01 Aug 2019
    LT Anthony Klemm 09 Aug 2019
    LCDR Kyle Byers 15 Sep 2019
    LT Shanae Coker 30 Sep 2019
    CDR Richard Hester 01 Oct 2019
    CDR Holly Jablonski 01 Oct 2019
    CDR Scott Price 01 Oct 2019
    LT Bennett Singletary 27 Oct 2019
    CAPT Barry Choy 01 Nov 2019
    CAPT Michael Ellis 01 Nov 2019
    CDR Ryan Kidder 01 Nov 2019
    CDR John Crofts 20 Nov 2019
    CAPT Kristie Twining 01 Dec 2019

    Delayed Implementation of Limitations on Eligibility to Transfer the Post-9/11 GI Bill

    As you may recall, last year there was a revised policy regarding Post-9/11 GI Bill transferability to qualifying dependents of Servicemembers with less than 16 years of service (DoD Instruction 1341.13, May 31, 2013 Incorporating Change 1, July 12, 2018).

    This policy was slated to become effective July 12, 2019; however, the Pentagon is delaying implementation of the new restriction until January 12, 2020, giving Servicemembers with more than 16 years of service additional time to start the transfer process.

    Billet Description Updates

    Starting in July, the Officer Career Management Division (OCMD) will begin working to update NOAA Corps billet descriptions. The first goal will be to transfer any remaining billet descriptions on the old NOAA Form 56-28A to the latest revised version dated 09/25/09. The Assignment Coordinator will be contacting the incumbents of billet descriptions on the old form and provide further details and instructions. The second goal of this project will be to perform an annual recertification on all remaining billets. OCMD thanks those officers who have completed their annual recertification.

    Officers can use this link to see if your billet description is on the updated form, and to check if an annual recertification is due by checking the date on page 7 of the billet description. If the annual recertification is due, you can download a blank, fillable NOAA Form 56-28A and begin working with your supervisor and Line Office Liaison Officer to make any appropriate updates and submit to the Assignment Coordinator for approval. Please contact the Assignment Coordinator at with any questions.

    Officer Assignment Board: O-4/O-5 Shore Assignments

    An Officer Assignment Board (OAB) for O-4/O-5 shore assignments will be held on Wednesday, August 7, 2019. The OAB will be prepared to look at potential O-4/O-5 officers and assignments up to 18 months from now. If you are due to rotate to a shore/ground assignment in the next 18 months, please ensure your assignment preferences are up to date, discuss potential assignments with the appropriate liaison officer and contact the assignment coordinator, CDR Stephen Kuzirian, with any questions at 301-713-7694 or