Message from the Director

Fellow NOAA Corps officers,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the following officers were promoted September 1, 2019, to the grade shown below:


  • Marc S. Moser
  • Benjamin K. Evans
  • Nicholas J. Chrobak


  • Mark A. Blankenship
  • Michael O. Gonsalves
  • Guinevere R. Lewis


  • Brian H. Richards
  • Charles J. Wisotzkey
  • Adam C. Pfundt
  • Richard J. Park
  • Kelli-Ann E. Bliss
  • Larry V. Thomas, Jr.
  • Jesse P. Milton
  • Damian C. Manda


  • Lee T. Shoemaker
  • Diane M. Perry
  • Alisha M. Friel
  • Blair J. Delean
  • Bryan W. Pestone
  • Nikita B. Manougian


  • Kristin M. Sojka
  • Peter R. Gleichauf
  • Danial G. Palance
  • John M. Katchenago
  • Melissa M. Trede
  • Patrick J. Debroisse
  • Philip J. Manougian
  • Matthew W. Bissell
  • Kyle C. Cosentino
  • Benjamin C. Kaiser
  • Christopher S. Gallagher
  • Brian C. Yannutz


  • Michael P. Fuller
  • Michael D. Card
  • Anna M. Hallingstad
  • Jacquelyn M. Putnam
  • Sony Vang
  • Justin K. Miyano
  • Gabriel E. Johnson
  • Linda J. Junge
  • Hillary K. Fort
  • Jeffrey D. Calderon
  • Brian S. Caldwell
  • Alexander W. Creed
  • Jackson Vanfleet-Brown
  • Kevin A. Tennyson
  • Eric C. Fritzsche

Congratulations on your well-deserved promotions! Bravo Zulu!

CAPT Devin Brakob, NOAA
Director, Commissioned Personnel Center

On the Horizon

07 Sep 2019 DC ACO Dining Out
24 Sep 2019 CO/XO Command Advisory Board
07-25 Oct 2019 REFTRA 87
10 Oct 2019 BOTC 134 Billet Night
19 Nov 2019 BOTC 134 Graduation

Approved Resignations, Separations and Retirements

LCDR Kyle Byers 15 Sep 2019
ENS Nicole Morgan 30 Sep 2019
LT Shanae Coker 30 Sep 2019
CDR Richard Hester 01 Oct 2019
CDR Holly Jablonski 01 Oct 2019
CDR Scott Price 01 Oct 2019
LT Bennett Singletary 27 Oct 2019
LT David McVay 31 Oct 2019
CAPT Barry Choy 01 Nov 2019
CAPT Michael Ellis 01 Nov 2019
CDR Ryan Kidder 01 Nov 2019
CDR John Crofts 20 Nov 2019
CAPT Kristie Twining 01 Dec 2019
LT Jacob Blaauboer 15 Jan 2020
LTJG Alisha Friel 20 Jan 2020
LCDR Russell Haner 01 Feb 2020

Update Your Dependent Information

During Hurricane Dorian monitoring and response, CPC encountered a couple of issues locating some of our service member families. Our records incorrectly indicated some dependents residing within the area of concern and also missed reporting dependents who had moved into the area. It is also imperative for CPC to have record of all dependents which can effect officer entitlements. CPC uses the information on record to assist in keeping officers and their dependents out of harm's way. Authorizations for travel to evacuate are made based on the information we have. Please ensure that your records are up to date to avoid a possible delay in assisting others. A few minutes to update your data will allow CPC to provide better service to our members and their families.

Shore Billet Chain of Command

Line Office Liaison Officers serve as a representative of their line offices and assist in filling billets, reviewing OERs, and transitioning officers in and out of their shore assignments in the most organized and productive manner possible. If you have a desire to fill a special assignment and help fulfill the needs of the service, please work through your line office liaisons. Most times they have the best information in terms of organizing the flow of officers through the assignments.

Corps Officers with Civilian Supervisors

All officers with civilian supervisors are reminded that they must provide them with the "Supervisor's Guide to NOAA Corps Officers". The guide specifies OER submission schedules and provides information and guidance on writing effective OERs. Many of the supervisors are familiar with the process, however it is never a bad idea to provide them a refresher on the procedures and importance of our evaluation system.

Command Advisory Board: CO and XO Assignments

A CAB is scheduled on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, to make recommendations for Commanding Officer and Executive Officer assignments. Any officer within two years of rotation could be considered for these ship assignments. Please ensure your assignment preferences are updated to reflect your latest interest, and reach out to ship commands and the marine centers to discuss possible CO and XO assignments. For any questions, please contact CDR Stephen Kuzirian at or by phone at 301-713-7694.