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Family Separation Allowance (FSA)

Authority: Under the provisions of 37 U. S. Code Section 427, Family Separation Allowance (FSA) is authorized for members with dependents of the Uniformed Services. FSA is payable in addition to any other allowance or per diem to which a member may be entitled. A member may qualify for FSA and Family Separation Allowance for Housing (FSH) for the same period and concurrent payment of both types are authorized. A member may not receive more than one payment of FSA for the same period even though member may qualify for both FSA-R and FSA-S or FSA-T (47 Comp Gen 788).

FSA: Compensates a member for the additional expenses incurred because of a family separation listed in Types R, S and T. It is payable to qualified members serving inside or outside the U.S. FSA is not authorized when a member performs duty at any station under permissive orders.

Rates Payable: $250.00 per month

FSA-R: is authorized when a member is transferred to a restricted station where transportation of dependents is not authorized at government expense and the dependents do not live at or near the member's permanent duty station or home port.

FSA-S: is authorized when a member is permanently assigned to a ship which is away from its home port continuously for more than 30 days.

FSA-T: is authorized when a member is TDY away from the permanent station, including TDY aboard ship, continuously for more than 30 days, and the dependents do not reside at or near the TDY station.