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Career Management


The Officer Career Management Division establishes and maintains an appropriate depth and breadth of professional expertise within the NOAA Commissioned Corps to meet the requirements of the agency. The Division develops the professional capability of the Corps through development of individual officers. It accomplishes this through selective recruiting and training, participation in the assignment process, and career counseling. The Division analyzes strengths and weaknesses in the Commissioned Corps, recommends alternatives, and takes appropriate action as directed by the Director, Commissioned Personnel Center. It directs and supports the activities of the NOAA Officer Training Center (OTC). The Division monitors the effectiveness of the OTC and conducts periodic reviews of the curriculum. It determines training needs to be addressed through full- or part-time graduate training at non-government universities, and provides guidance to officers pursuing graduate training on their own. As required or directed, the Division reviews training provided on-the-job during the course of an officer's assignment, or of special training necessary to qualify an officer for unique assignments.