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Medical Administration

The Commissioned Personnel Center's Medical Administration Branch serves as the repository for all NOAA Corps officers' Official Medical Folder (OMF). The OMF contains all medical records for medical treatment received while on active duty in the NOAA Corps. Medical records are essential for:

  • Determining your medical qualifications for promotion
  • Determining your ability to meet the demanding physical challenges of the NOAA Corps
  • Determining your medical readiness status (Fitness for Duty)
  • Identifying service related injuries or illness;

It is the NOAA Corps officer's responsibility to ensure that all periodic medical examinations are completed prior to their expiration and all supporting medical documentation is submitted to the Medical Administration Branch shortly after each medical visit. Additionally, officers are responsible for maintaining a copy of their medical record. Supporting documentation should include, but is not limited to: treatment notes, lab reports, diagnostic procedure reports, x-rays, etc. NOAA Corps officers who fail to meet the medical requirements will not be recommended for promotion to a higher grade until they are deemed medically qualified for promotion or temporary/permanent appointment. Medical records should be sent via the Medical OPF online/Accellion Secure File Transfer or UPS carrier to:

NOAA Commissioned Personnel Center
Chief, Medical Administration Branch
8403 Colesville Road, Suite 500
Silver Spring, MD 20910