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The NOAA Corps Payroll Unit processes, updates and ensures that all aspects of officers' pay is handled as effectively and efficiently as possible from the time they enter the Corps until they are no longer on active duty. It is responsible for many pay processes, including but not limited to explaining the monthly Leave and Earnings Statement as necessary along with ensuring that the pay entitlements are correct based on an officer's duty location. The Unit is also responsible for processing the reporting of leave, verification of employment, and estimated earnings statements.

The Payroll Unit processes all the entitlements through the Global Pay System located at the U. S. Coast Guard Pay and Personnel Center, in Topeka, KS. This relationship between NOAA and the U. S. Coast Guard has existed since 1985, with the NOAA Corps Payroll Unit being physically located onsite in Topeka, KS beginning in 1999. The Unit has two full time NOAA civilian employees dedicated to the NOAA Corps officers.

Taxes & Withholding Information


Tax Advantages
A substantial, but often unseen and overlooked, aspect of military pay is certain built-in tax advantages. Most allowances are tax-exempt. Additionally, certain hardship circumstances will change normally taxable pay into tax-exempt.

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Self-Service Payroll

NOAA Corps officers may access pay information and complete some routine payroll functions on line. Using the Coast Guard's automated payroll input system, "Direct Access", engineered by PeopleSoft, members may view Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) data, and perform limited payroll actions by use of a secure web site. Payroll functions include, but are not limited to:

Officers who use the feature will sign on to HR DIRECT ACCESS using your 7-digit Employee ID (EMPLID) as the User ID. To view LES data, navigate to Home>Self Service>Employee>View>View Paycheck.

For the most common payroll changes, the navigation is Home>Self Service>Employee>Tasks All data submitted in the PeopleSoft environment must be saved (by clicking a "save" button) before exiting the web site. Please keep in mind that much of the Direct Access functionality, such as TDY orders, is for Coast Guard use only. If in doubt about making changes, contact NOAACorps.Payrollunit@noaa.gov.