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NOAA Corps Song



Into the Oceans and the Air

Lyrics by: NOAA Corps
Music by: MU1 Sean M. Nelson, USCG

Verse 1

Into the deep blue we go sail, cast the nets and watch them trail.
Sort the samples, weigh the fish, save the sea, that's Neptune's wish.
From Georges Bank to the Bering Sea,
We're the NOAA Corps and proud to be!

Verse 2

Into storms we love to fly. Buckle in, we'll reach the eye.
We survey the mountain tops, predicting floods and saving crops.
From the peaks to the coasts, we do soar.
We are the NOAA Corps!


Into the oceans and the air,
For Corps and country we do swear.
President Jefferson set us on our way:
"Survey the coast. Go without delay!" Aye!
Into the deep blue we do go,
Heave out the lead and chart below.
Fix your benchmarks with some pride; we are the sailor's guide.
We are the NOAA Corps!

Verse 3 (Optional)

From the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun,
On the front lines of science we will never be outdone.
PATHFINDER's courage charts the way.
We're the NOAA Corps and proud to say!