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COVID-19 Supplemental PCS Guidance

This is the guidance on obtaining NOAA Corps PCS orders and conducting PCS moves. While the requirement for a waiver request is no longer required, there are still significant conditions and requirements to meet before you execute any PCS moves. As certain areas of the country see a rise in COVID-19 cases, it is imperative all officers assess the risks of a PCS move and look for assistance from their departing and receiving commands to ensure their move is conducted in as safe of a manner as possible.

The departing command, receiving command, or the officer conducting the PCS can request CPC put a PCS on hold if they determine it can't be executed safely.

  • PCS orders for FY2020 can be issued once 5.b. occurs. Officers should work with your CPC HR POC to have orders issued.
  • The NOAA Corps COVID-19 PCS Plan is separate from your PCS orders, does not need to be submitted to get PCS orders issued, but must be submitted prior to executing your PCS move.
    • The departing NOAA Corps officer fills out the PCS Plan in its entirety.
    • A departing command representative personally reviews the plan with the officer no greater than ten (10) days before the scheduled departure, and approves it with a "go-no/go" decision.
    • The departing command representative must ensure it is approved by both a departing command representative, a receiving command representative, and a CPC representative (Director, Deputy Director, OPMD Chief, OCMD Chief, or Assignment Coordinator), and the final copy electronically transmitted to the receiving command at least two (2) days prior to the scheduled departure.
    • PCS Plans should be sent to the following CPC POC for final review/approval.
    • The officer shall carry, on his or her person, the PCS Plan, signed PCS orders, and identification (CAC card) throughout the transfer.
  • Departing and Receiving Commands will:
    • Assess risks and operational requirements.
    • Discuss possible billet timing issues and gaps created with the Assignment Coordinator to ensure the date of PCS orders are correct.
    • Negotiate a PCS plan to allow the officers by themselves, or with their families, to adapt to the local conditions they encounter. Commands are advised that this flexibility may result in longer than usual gaps in billets and all PCS moves must be coordinated with and approved by CPC before execution. Final approval to execute the PCS move will be via the completed NOAA Corps COVID-19 PCS Plan.
    • Be flexible and exercise leadership to ensure the safe transfer of personnel. Commands are responsible for making local or regionally-based decisions to pause or expedite the PCS move of a NOAA Corps officer and make recommendations to CPC.
    • Decisions to proceed with PCS moves will carefully weigh the risk to the NOAA Corps officer, families, and the public against the Service need to relocate officers to meet mission requirements and develop our workforce. Factors will include, but are not limited to; road conditions, interstate travel restrictions, hotel and fuel availability, areas of infection-density, and transportation provider availability.
  • Transferring officers will:
    • Develop a NOAA Corps COVID-19 PCS Plan (attached). This plan will be approved by your departing command, receiving command, and CPC, and is critical to ensure the safe transfer of NOAA Corps officers in this heightened-risk environment. This is not required for retirees or those separating.
    • Increase command and supervisor engagement in move planning and execution. Upcoming PCS moves will not be normal. Communicate early and often. While you may have a preferred time to move this season, national or regional events may alter that. Communicate early with your family, departing command, receiving command, landlords, that events outside your control may require you to alter your plans.
    • Utilize the new PCS Plan to properly prepare for your PCS and identify solutions to challenging logistics based on COVID-19 issues at your current PDS, new PDS, and along the travel route.
    • NOAA Corps officers have the option to split shipments of their HHGs from their PCS departing or reporting date, and in some cases this may be required. There is flexibility within policy which allows officers to transfer in advance of their families. This option is available to reduce gaps in mission critical positions and allow for personal considerations.
  • All transferring NOAA Corps officers and commands are asked to be flexible with move plans if the local, region, or national landscape changes such as to preclude a safe and timely PCS move.
  • PCS moves will be approved for domestic locations only. For this purpose, Alaska, Hawaii, and all U.S. territories are considered domestic locations. NOAA Corps officers conducting a PCS to those locations must not travel to or through a foreign country.
  • For PCS events that do not require movement of a NOAA Corps officer, mainly household goods (HHG) issues, please contact the Chief, Officer Personnel Management Division, Katherine Raymond, at katherine.raymond@noaa.gov for coordination.

Fillable form: NOAA Corps Covid 19 PCS Plan