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Awards and Insignia

NOAA Corps officers' uniforms are very similar to the uniforms worn by commissioned officers of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. The major difference in the uniform is the NOAA Corps device and insignia. The information that follows comes from the NOAA Corps Directives, Chapter 12, Part 6. The Regulations are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Rating and Qualification Insignia

The NOAA Corps rating and qualification insignia worn by qualified NOAA Corps officers. NOAA officers may also wear other services insignia if they were qualified or awarded by that service.

Command at Sea

Small Craft Command

Chief of Party

NOAA Aviator

NOAA Diver

Deck Officer

NOAA Corps Awards and Insignia

Awards and Insignia below in order of precedence are the ribbons awarded by the Department of Commerce, NOAA and NOAA Corps. NOAA officers may also receive awards from other services such as the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard.


Department of Commerce Gold Medal

Department of Commerce Silver Medal

Department of Commerce Bronze Medal

NOAA Corps Meritorious Service Medal

NOAA Administrators Award Medal

NOAA Corps Commendation Medal

NOAA Corps Achievement Medal

Antarctica Service Medal

NOAA Arctic Service Medal

National Response Deployment Medal

Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal


NOAA Corps Directors Ribbon

NOAA Unit Citation

NOAA ACO Junior Officer of the Year Award

SAME Colbert Medal Ribbon

SAME Karo Award

NOAA Corps Sea Service Deployment Ribbon

NOAA Corps Pacific Service Ribbon

NOAA Corps Mobile Duty Service Ribbon

NOAA Corps International Service ribbon

NOAA Corps Atlantic Service Ribbon

NOAA Corps National Response Service Ribbon