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Periodic Medical Exams

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NOAA Corps officers are required to undergo and submit documentation for periodic medical examinations (PME). Periodic medical examinations are necessary to promote and conserve health, detect impairments, and ensure fitness for duty. NOAA Corps periodic medical examinations shall be documented using Form DD2807-1 "Report of Medical History" and Form DD2808 "Report of Medical Examination."

The pre-commissioning medical examination is classified as your first periodic medical examination. All subsequent examinations are conducted by using the following intervals:

  • Every 5 years for officers between ages 24 and 49
  • Annually for officers age 50 and over

The table below provides a list of required tests/procedures which must be completed with your periodic medical examination. Note: Some of these tests are age/gender specific or required if risk related.

Medical Requirements
Test   Specifically Indicated   Frequency
Complete Urinalysis     Performed within 180 days of PME
Hematocrit or Hemoglobin     Performed within 180 days of PME
PAP Smear/Pelvic exam and breast exam   Females (not required for women who have undergone a total hysterectomy)   Once every 3 years
Lipid Panel to include (fasting):
Total Cholesterol
  1) For males up to age 34 and female up to age 39 with history of: diabetes mellitus, family history of heart disease, hyperlipidemia, or multiple coronary heart disease risk factors before age 50 (male relatives) and age 60 (female relatives)
2) Males age 35 and over
3) Females 40 and over with low risk persons
  1) Every 3 years for high risk persons (if applicable)- Performed within 180 days of PME

2) Every 5 years

3) Every 5 years
Fasting Glucose   If history of hypertension or hyperlipidemia   Every 3 years (if applicable)
Diagnostic Studies
Test   Specifically Indicated   Frequency
Blood Pressure       Performed with PME
Height/Weight       Performed with PME
Body Mass Index (BMI) - health care provider will calculate
Officer may self report by providing height and weight measurements using feet, inches and pounds.
      Day of PME
Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD) (unless blood test contraindicated)
      Required annually for all aviation and shipboard personnel embarked on a vessel for >24 hrs
every 5 years for land based assignments.
Audiogram       Performed within 12 months of PME
Ocular Examination - to include:
  • Near and distant vision (corrected and uncorrected)
  • Eye refraction-required only required if uncorrected vision is worse than 20 / 20 in either eye
  • Tonometry/Intra-ocular tension (performed with all eye refractions)
      Performed within 12 months of PME
Screening Mammogram   Females age 40 years and over   Required every 2 years thereafter (must have one performed within 12 months of PME)
Prostate Screening   Males beginning at age 45 and every 2 years ONLY if risk factors have been identified by health care provider.

All others will begin initial screening at age 50

Frequency determined by health care provider based on risk
Colorectal Cancer Screening - one of the following options-
  • Fecal Occult Blood Test - FOBT x3, OR Flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • Double-Contrast barium enema
  • Colonoscopy
  Age 50 and over  

1) Annually

2) Every 5 years

3) Every 10 years

Interim Medical Tests Required for Remaining Medically Qualified for Duty.
The following tests are required in order to remain current and may expire between periodic medical examinations (PME). The table below provides the test name, and the required frequency. It is important to become familiar with these requirements as they are required to remain qualified for duty.

Test/Procedure   Frequency
Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD) (unless contraindicated) or QuantiFeron blood test ( see NOAA TB educational Handout 2008)   Required annually for all shipboard/aviation personnel (if embarked for more than 24 hrs) OR
every five (5) years for land based assignments.
NOAA Form 57-17-02 "Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire"
(Complete sections I, II, and III and return to Medical Administration Branch)
  Renewal required every 1 to 3 years (see Medical OPF online for expiration date)
Type II Dental Examination   Required at least annually (must have class I or class II dental status)
PAP Smear/Pelvic exam and breast exam   Required once every 3 years
Screening Mammogram   Required beginning at age 40 for females and every 2 years thereafter

NOTE: ****Note, height, weight and wrist measurements may be self reported and submitted to the OPF on a Word document. Height should be measured in feet and weight in pounds (without shoes). You must measure around the bony prominence of your wrist in inches by using a cloth measuring tape******

Download Medical Package or
Download Medical Forms Individually

Medical information must be sent via USPS or Medical OPF (select one method only).

If you have any further questions, please contact
LCDR Sharon Downey
Phone: 301-713-7718
Fax: 301-713-2039